The Queen Name-Drops 'Game of Thrones,' Internet Loses It

What a time to be alive.

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Hip octogenarian Queen Elizabeth reminded the public Thursday that she's been within sitting distance of the Iron Throne and you haven't.

In her annual Christmas Day address, the social-media-savvy-ish monarch rubbed it in referenced her June tour of the Game of Thrones set, which delighted the World Wide Web to no end. (Technically, she asked everybody to think about peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and not HBO, but you know the Internet—one-track mind.) One Twitter user said her mother lost control of her bladder upon hearing Her Majesty utter those three words. Another suggested Prince Harry cheekily put his grandmum up to it.

Keep reading for the funniest reactions and a video of the speech.

My mother still wetting herself over The Queen's Game of Thrones reference - the highlight of Christmas so far

— Helen Nianias (@helennianias) December 25, 2014

No one had Game of Thrones in the Queen's speech sweepstake. Bet she did it for a bet.

— Janine Gibson (@janinegibson) December 25, 2014

Did the Queen seriously just name drop Game of Thrones!? I thought she'd have been more of an Orange is the New Black fan. #QueensSpeech

— Sophie Corfan (@sophcorfan) December 25, 2014

The Queen namedrops Games of Thrones - bet that was a dare by Prince Harry or something. #QueensSpeech

— Ty (@TheDashingChap) December 25, 2014

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