Benedict Cumberbatch Believes in the Power of Man Makeup

He did not wake up like this.

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As if you needed another reason to adore Benedict Cumberbatch, the man is unabashedly well versed in the super powers of concealer.

"Makeup is a wonderful thing for men as well as women," he said via The Cut (opens in new tab). The British actor and resident heartthrob sung the praises of makeup at the Golden Globes, where he used it to cover his jet lag. "I literally landed about an hour before the ceremony started," he added.

While he wasn't the only tux-clad gent to put his face on for the award show—Joshua Jackson donned Laura Mercier primer and a little Jouer Perfector foundation, according to The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab)—it's still a relatively surprising confession from one of Hollywood's leading man. This, not in view of the fact that he's wearing it, but simply because he's so forthcoming about it.

We hope that Cumberbatch inspires other actors to be just as frank about their pre-award show beauty rituals, because we believe there should be just as much transparency for men, as there is for women.

Now, one question: are these guys dipping into their lady friend's handbags, or do they have their own makeup stashes we need to know about? If that's the case, we happily nominate Cumberbatch to be Into the Gloss (opens in new tab)' next Top Shelf subject.

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