An Ode to 'Parks and Recreation,' Creator of the Best GIFs Known to Man

Oh Leslie Knope, how we love thee.

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We can't believe it's over. But while last night's series finale means we have said goodbye to Pawnee and the amazingness that is Parks and Recreation, we take solace in the fact that these moments—immortalized in GIFs—will be here to console us indefinitely. Goodbye Jean Ralphio, goodbye Ron Swanson, goodbye Galentine's Day waffles. May you forever live on our hearts like Lil' Sebastian lived on in the hearts of all Pawneeans.

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Thank you Tom and Donna, for introducing us to the most important day of the year—and the most important phrase, ever.

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You're so right, April.

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Waffles > Everything

Picture frame,

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Oh, Jerry.

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Leslie Knope is everyone's anxious spirit animal.

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While Donna is everyone's spirit animal, period.

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Never enough Donna GIFs.

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Never change, Jean Ralphio.

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Love you, Ben.

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And the best for last. 

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