Amy Poehler Is Harvard Hasty Pudding's Woman of the Year, Of Course

Why wouldn't Harvard put on a parade in her honor?
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2015 is already shaping up to be a great year for Amy Poehler. Parks and Rec is celebrating its final season, and she's rejoining Tina Fey as host of the Golden Globes this weekend (check back Sunday for coverage!). And now, the most prestigious university in America is literally going to have a parade in her honor.

Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the oldest theater group in the United States, has named her its 2015 Woman of the Year. On January 29, festivities will begin for Poehler with a parade through the streets of Cambridge, followed by a roast; she'll then get a commemorative "pudding pot" in Harvard Square. Last year, Dame Helen Mirren twerked on stage to accept her prize, so Poehler better bring it.

It makes sense for Harvard students to look up to Poehler. She's not only a hilarious actress and author, but she's also the founder of the influential improv theater Upright Citizens Brigade. "She is an accomplished performer, incredible comedian, and an inspiration to everyone in the Hasty Pudding," the group's president, Jason Hellerstein, said in a statement.

Leslie Knope would be proud.

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