Mystery Du Jour: Why Are Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent Both Wearing Rings on *That* Finger?


Aesthetically complementary couple (opens in new tab) Cara Delevigne and St. Vincent attended the airport-themed Chanel show Tuesday, during which they sat front-row in the executive lounge until Cara got the cue to pick Karl up from arrivals Love, Actually-style. BUT WAIT. What's that sparkly thingy on the third finger of her left hand? 

Cara Delevigne and St. Vincent

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The plot thickened and the intrigue heightened when we 1) zoomed in and 2) dug into the archives to find that 1) they're both wearing rings on their engagement fingers and 2) they've been wearing them since at least the end of September. Scroll, scroll, scroll quickly now, friends.

Not to jump to conclusions because jewelry is very personal and means different stuff to different people and for them, it could just symbolize their admittance into the League of Extraordinary Pizza-Eaters, but here is what Onkel Karl should have his petites mains whip up for Annara/Carnie in the event of their beautiful, beautiful union.

2 Women in Frilly Wedding Dresses

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Also, Hudson Kroenig for ringbearer. Always.

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