Drake Released a Nice Music Video, but Everybody Just Wants to Talk About His Dad Dancing

He's not going to take this well.

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Regardless of how you interpret the rather sexist-seeming lyrics to "Hotline Bling"—SHE CAN WEAR HOWEVER MUCH SHE WANTS, DRAKE—you will probably enjoy Drake's hand-flapping and slo-mo breaststroke in the newly released music video by Director X. Everybody else is.

Wearing an oversize gray sweater amongst other dad-like apparel on a minimalist set, hip hop's sad boy dances like no one's watching. He does the stanky leg. He does something vaguely resembling bachata. He does a pelvic thrust while wind-milling his arms at a completely different speed.

The takeaway: We need not worry about controlling our body movements any longer. Also, Drake could have saved so much money by hiring this guy. 

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