Everyone Is Going Nuts Over This Photo of a Woman Touching Prince Charles's Butt

Looks like someone wanted to get close to his Royal Hindness.

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Things got a bit cheeky during Prince Charles' recent visit to Sydney when a photographer snapped a photo of Janine Kirk, chief executive of the Prince's Charities Australia, appearing to pad the prince's royal rump.

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The Australian press had a bit of a fit, not least of all because the royals allegedly have a no-touching policy (see the Lebron James/Kate Middleton scandal or Michelle Obama awkwardly hugging the Queen for reference). Unsurprisingly, there was an abundant array of puns in the headlines.

For her part, Kirk denied the claims and said she did not appreciate suddenly being the butt of everyone's jokes. (See what we did there?) 

"I don't like the way this is going, it's rather silly," Kirk told The Daily Telegraph. "It's not on his bum. It was a room of about 130 people. He was being engaged as he always is and so he was being moved through the crowd."

Right, but you were still leading him through the room via his butt?

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All jokes aside, it probably really was just a weird camera angle and/or an unfortunately timed shot. But, still, pretty sure this isn't what Prince Charles had in mind when he asked for a charity that was really hands-on. (Okay, you *had* to see what we did there.) 

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