Kim Kardashian Just Wants to Be North's BFF, Learned How to Be More Private When the Media Turned on Her


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Sympathy isn't something most people feel in regards to Kim Kardashian, but with the media's constant flip-flopping and invasiveness, she says life isn't all Balmain and prank calls in a telling new interview with the Editorialist.

"At the beginning of my career, [the press] made me—or maybe not 'made me' but was such a big part of my career," she says in E! News's exclusive preview of the cover story. "And then, I feel like when I got a divorce, it kind of turned on me, and the people I would do interviews with, who I thought were my friends, just did not understand me. And so it was all of these made-up stories, and this whole story line like a soap opera [started to form]…I saw that happening, and it really took a toll on me. I'm strong. I can handle it. But I took some time off."

Her experiences in and out of the spotlight also influence her business decisions—she's working on a new fragrance, though she might scale back on projects—and the way she's raising North and Saint, she says.

"When North was born, I used to pray, 'Can she handle this life?' Because it's a lot to come into, a family that has the spotlight on them, and it's very public. But I really believe people come into our lives, and they choose us, and she knows what her life is going to be. I value my relationship with her so much. I want to become best friends with her to the [point that] she can ask me anything. My hope for her is that she is just really kind to people and grows up as normal as possible within all of the chaos."

Well, being a cool mom *does* run in the family.

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