Olivia Wilde on Getting Naked for 'Vinyl,' Choosing a Merkin from the Show's Merkin Wall


Olivia Wilde
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The full bush might be back, but for Olivia Wilde and her Vinyl costars, there's no growth period required—not when they've got a wall of custom merkins to choose from.

During an appearance on Seth Meyers, the 32-year-old actress, who recently revealed that she was passed over for the Wolf of Wall Street for being too old, discussed the protective qualities of pubic-hair wigs.

"I was horrified background actors might think this was my real body hair," she said. "So I was walking around like 'WHOA. Check this FAKE merkin out, everyone. It's not real!' Because it was shocking. But it makes it all a little easier."

To watch Wilde and Meyers discuss nudity and the rite of passage that is staying up late to watch shows with sex scenes on cable, click play below. 

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