Here's Everything Inside the Insane VMA Swag Bags

Rihanna's perfume, for one.

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The VMAs just released the contents of their swag bags, and its a veritable cornucopia of weirdness and goals. Sure, you have your classics like Bose Headphones and Crush by Rihanna, but there's also some truly strange items. Crane & Co stationary, for example. An entire suit, for another example.

Here's the entire contents of the VMA swag bag, presented without comment by two faceless mannequins.

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  1. Crane & Co. Stationary, in case you get bored during Kanye West's four-minute rant.
  2. Scuff Gaming Controllers.
  3. A vaguely random book about the NYC Luxury hotel, Langham Place. [Update: turns out this is a certificate for a one-night stay.]
  4. A full suit by Indochino in the event that you rip yours and have a fashion emergency.
  5. Crush by Rihanna, so you can smell like RiRi while hanging out with RiRi (not at all awkward).
  6. Fenty for Stance socks, because Rihanna is allllll over this VMA swag bag.
  7. A book about celebrity hot spot Nobu Hotel. [Update: guests will be getting a two-night stay here, as well.]
  8. A Dooney & Bourke bag, because in case you hadn't noticed, the year is 2004.
  9. What appears to be an MTV sleeping mask, for nap taking purposes.
  10. A cashmere scarf and a beanie, because #WinterIsComing.
  11. Bose headphones, in case the VMAs gets too intense and you need to retreat into your own mental safe space.
  12. A random watercolor because #art. [Update: this is secretly a certificate for a two-night stay at Rosalie Bay on the island of Dominica. So basically, this gift bag is vacation goals.]
  13. MCM sunglasses, in case the beanie, scarf, headphones, and eye mask aren't doing enough to protect your anonymity during this show.
  14. Marc Jacobs t-shirts, because again—the year is 2004.
  15. Marc Jacobs mascara, for mid Kanye Rant touch-ups.
  16. A tote bag, because it just wouldn't be a swag bag without one.

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