Donald Trump's Maternity Leave Policy Is Literally *Half* of Hillary Clinton's

"Hmmm...decisions, decisions."—working mom.

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Donald Trump just revealed his maternity leave policy for working moms, and it's...well...a decent(ish) effort. The republican presidential hopeful plans to give new moms six weeks of paid maternity leave, which is super nice and generous of him—just not quite as nice and generous as Hillary Clinton's policy, which is literally twice as long.

"We need working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work, and to have access to affordable, quality child care for their kids," Trump said, while his daughter Ivanka Trump (who influenced the policy) explained. "As a society we need to create policies that champion all parents, enabling the American family to thrive."

Trump held up this small child while delivering the news, which...okay, sure.

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While Hillary offers more time off than Trump (12 weeks, to be exact), she's also offering leave to both mothers and fathers. "We're not living in a Mad Men era anymore where only women are taking care of infants," policy advisor Maya Harris said. "It's just completely unserious. While his plan would undercut women in the workplace, it also provides no relief to working families."

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Meanwhile, Ivanka criticized Clinton for not enacting better childcare policies during her time in public office, telling Good Morning America, "Respectfully, Clinton has been around for decades and there's no policy benefiting either mothers or fathers in terms of paid leave. Certainly she had opportunity to have a concept like that in the past. We have not been in public office for the last several decades and she has, so she could have instituted some of those policies in that role and has not done so."

Fair point, but—ahem—Hillary's website begs to differ.

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