Well, Looks Like Kanye West Plans to Run for President in 2024

There you have it, folks.

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Who knew that December 13, 2016 would be such a huge day for Kanye West and the American people? You woke up this morning snug in your bed, and whispered some motivational thoughts to get you through the final slog until holiday break—little did you know Yeezy had other plans for your day.

Fresh off a meeting with president-elect Donald Trump, in which the two old friends discussed "life," West took to Twitter, alluding to some plans for the year 2024, which we can only assume have a presidential vibe to 'em.


You may remember that Yeezy did not—in fact—vote for Trump or Hillary or at all. You may also recall that West asked black people to "stop focusing on racism," which makes his apparent interest in discussing "multicultural issues" with Trump seem unexpected.

And if that "#2024" comment is what we think it is—a hint at running for president—we gotta ask...what happened to Kanye's plan for 2020?

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