Chris Evans, AKA Captain America, Shut Down a Former KKK Leader for His Racist Trolling

"I love. Try it. It's stronger than hate."

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Chris Evans emulated his on-screen doppelganger over the weekend by fiercely opposing the disgusting remarks hurled at him by David Duke, a former Republican Louisiana State Representative, Holocaust denier, anti-semitic conspiracy theorist, and former KKK leader.

It all began last Wednesday, when Evans took to Twitter to say that if David Duke was supporting the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, then you know it's wrong.

Duke responded by saying that after 8 years of "black radical Marxists" he was grateful to have an attorney general that would "defend decent American people - rather than thugs."

He also called Evans dumb.

Evans responded by throwing some of his own words back at him.

Then on Sunday, Duke really took the trolling up a notch by posting a collage of Evans with various women of color, as well as Jenny Slate (who is Jewish), and writing, "Why does Chris Evans, who plays the Jewish inspired super hero, Captain America, hate the women of his people so much? #WhiteGenocide."

To which Evans responded, "I don't hate them. That's YOUR method. I love. Try it. It's stronger than hate. It unites us. I promise it's in you under the anger and fear."

Well said, Captain.

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