J.K. Rowling Has *Really* Ramped Up Her Feud with Piers Morgan

She is a wizard at Twitter. (HA.)

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In case you hadn't noticed, J.K. Rowling's been taking time out of her busy schedule of writing amazing books to school Twitter's resident troll (opens in new tab) Piers Morgan. The two have been sparring for a few days now, but Rowling just changed the game.

Apparently, the Harry Potter author was sent an excerpt of Morgan waxing poetic about her several years ago, and published it with this cheeky caption:

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The thing is? Morgan didn't appear to realize he wrote the above musing, and hit back with the following:

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Of course, the internet was quick to point out that said quote was literally his own:

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Never one to back down, Morgan quickly tried to save face. You know, by calling everyone a "quarter-wit" and being generally insulting.

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Nice try, but nah. Also, can we all agree that these two are *clearly* auditioning for the net season of Ryan Murphy's (opens in new tab)Feud (opens in new tab)?

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