An Investigation into Celebrities Whose Phone Batteries Are Always Dangerously Close to 0%

WYD, Gigi??

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In 2017, the requirements for adulthood are pretty low—all you have to do, basically, is keep your mobile devices charged. (Usually by having extra chargers, uh, charged. What is life?) But even with the iPhone 7's vastly improved battery life and bodyguards who surely have enough pockets to carry spare Mophies, some celebrities still seem to have trouble meeting this barest minimum.

Gigi Hadid

For all intents and purposes, Gigi Hadid has it together. Except her battery levels, which are giving me anxiety just looking at them.

Bella Hadid

Crucial Q: Does the Hadid family, with a collective net worth that very likely outpaces the GDPs of most small nations, share one iPhone cable between them? Is that the explanation for this?

Anwar Hadid


Lady Gaga

Okay, she is probably too busy practicing dance routines and writing songs to charge her own phone. But "The Cure" is so simple! It is just sitting/laying down near an outlet or asking a hostess or bartender very nicely if they would charge your phone for you.

Ariana Grande

This is an epidemic, people.

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