TFW You're Chilling on a Lake and Justin Trudeau Paddles Over to You All "Hey, Girl"

Kayaking his way into our hearts one day at a time.

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Picture yourself minding your own business on a lake, the sun in your eyes, the wind in your hair. When hark! You see Justin Trudeau in the distance, putting his very heart and soul into paddling a little kayak. Suddenly, you lock eyes. "MY FANS!" Justin seems to say, and with that he paddles over to you in a fervor—morphing into the kayak version of the Little Engine That Could.

It's an amazing story that happened IRL to the parents of Carrie Robinson, who hit Twitter and shared footage of Trudeau paddling over to her family for some small talk. LOOK AT HIM GO, bless!

BRB, finding a lake and sitting there until Trudeau paddles up.


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