People Are Accusing Selena Gomez of Faking Freckles in the "Fetish" Video

What is the truth, you can't handle the truth, etc.

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Selena Gomez dropped the lyric video for her new single "Fetish," which basically consists of her face close-up, singing to the camera. And thanks to a photo shared by Sel's makeup artist Hung Vanngo, fans noticed that she's covered in a spattering of cute freckles.

The thing is, Selena doesn't have freckles, and her fans quickly had an existential crisis about what it all means. In fact, the comments section on Vanngo's photo are positively lit with people arguing about whether or not Selena's freckles are real or fake, and making a big deal about them not being visible in her video.

The MAU eventually broke down Sel's look on Instagram, saying "Her faux freckles are '(Earth)quake' Matte Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner."

Cool, but uhhhh, Sel and Vanngo should probably be able to do whatever they want creatively—whether it involves makeup, photoshop, or natural skin—without everyone melting down, yes?


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