Eddie Redmayne's Favorite iPhone Apps

Eddie Redmayne's Favorite iPhone Apps

Eddie Redmayne
(Image credit: marie claire)

Eddie Redmayne, the adorable Les Miserables star, has a lot to thank his iPhone for. Back when he heard they were turning the hit musical into a movie, he used the phone to record himself singing the song "Empty Chairs and Empty Tables" and sent it along to his agent. The recorded clip eventually made its way to the film's producers, and within weeks, he was cast as revolutionist Marius.

To honor his iPhone addiction, we had the Brit share his five favorite apps. Maybe one of these will lead to his next film?

Rehearsal 2: "This is a genius app for actors. It means you don't have to carry around or print out scripts. I can make notes directly on the app, highlight my scenes, run and record lines, take reference photos — it's pretty indispensable."

8 mm Vintage Camera: "This is a great video app that allows you to choose old vintage camera types, creating stuff with a grainy '30s black-and-white style or '60s bleached feel. I took a few videos whilst making Birdsong that with everyone in period costume look scarily real."

TED: "I love TED talks. I can't get enough. Bright, ingenious, and sometimes completely bizarre addresses but always massively thought-provoking."

Monocle 24: "I am a massive fan of Monocle and the new radio station. The programs are diverse and constantly intriguing, covering culture, business, and design."

Housebites: "I love food, but sometimes you can't be bothered to cook or don't fancy going out. But this is really cool. Local, quite brilliant chefs cook, and it is delivered fresh to you."