'Survivor' Star Parvati Shallow Comes Out, is Dating Comedian Mae Martin

OMG we love this for them!

Parvati Shallow, Mae Martin
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Love is in the air, folks, and we're breathing it in! Put it in our lungs, eyes, mouth, hearts: wherever it can go, we want love to see, feel, and witness love. I mean, has the necessity for such ever been more desperately needed than right now, at the end of 2023? This is why we're cheering hard for Survivor star Parvati Shallow on hard-launching her relationship (and queerness!) with comedian Mae Martin (who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns).

"We’re here. We’re queer. Happy new year ❤️🌈🏳️‍⚧️," the caption to the post reads, featuring a photo booth image card of the duo kissing and looking absolutely blissed out in love.

Sigh. Call us a sentimental, romantic ol' fool if you must, but this is just the cutest, right?

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I mean, look at these sweet snaps! Look at all of the love emanating off of both of them! A reminder that more love than you ever expected is always possible, even after heartbreak.

Fans of Shallow may remember that she was previously married to fellow Survivor contestant John Fincher, but the two divorced in August 2021. Martin is a Canadian comedian, actor, and screenwriter, best known for co-creating and starring in the acclaimed Netflix series, Feel Good. They also have a stand-up special, Sap, on the streamer, as well as a podcast called Handsome. (They also frequently perform comedy with another sweet and funny dreamboat, Ted Lasso's Brett Goldstein, a.k.a. Roy Kent).

Martin also posted the images on Instagram alongside a video of the duo on a ferris wheel by the beach, featuring a playful wink from Shallow.

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Adding to the couple's lore? A comment on Shallow's post from author Evan Ross Katz, who wrote, "A perfect pair. Honored to have played the tiniest role in this epic link-up. Love you both," prompting a tizzy of questions and demands for the story behind the matchmaking.

Whatever their origin story, let us add to the chorus of joy and happiness for these two. We need a LOT MORE LOVE in 2024, and we're happy to see some flourishing in the last wee hours of 2023.

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