Prince Harry and Meghan Markle May Be "Worried" They Are "Being Eased Out of the Royal Picture," Biographer Says

The Royal Family website controversy is, frankly, telling.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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The Royal Family has struggled with the case of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ever since they first announced their intention to leave their roles as senior royals and leave the U.K. in early 2020.

While they were mentioned from time to time after their departure in official messaging—such as the Queen's Christmas speech or the odd birthday message from the then-Cambridges—they were no longer working royals, and therefore usually excluded from official events.

It has been widely reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex didn't want to leave royal life entirely, but instead wanted to be "part-time royals" of sorts, but no such agreement could be reached.

So it stands to reason that they may be "worried" about new signs that they are being pushed out further from the royal ranks, as one royal biographer claims.

"Harry and Meghan must be worried that they are slowly being eased out of the royal picture," author Phil Dampier tells The Sun.

"King Charles seems to be hesitating on whether to grant prince and princess titles to Archie and Lilibet.

"And the fact that they have been 'demoted' on the Palace website is another indicator that they are not seen as working royals."

As a reminder, the duke and duchess were relegated to the depths of the Royal Family info page, just above the disgraced Prince Andrew, while during the Queen's reign they had been just under Princess Anne. This, frankly, sends a clear message that King Charles is not ready to welcome them back into the royal fold in the near future.

"The King will want to make it clear that they are not working royals and can’t pose as semi-official royals," Dampier adds.

"They are relegated to the bottom of the league table with disgraced Prince Andrew and at the moment there is no way of them climbing up it."

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