Princess Diana Set Prince Harry Up for Success in His New Life in America, Celebrity Lawyer Suggests

She taught him well.

Diana, William & Harry At Thorpe Park
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Genuinely, it seems like everyone has a really strong opinion about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new life in the United States (even celebs like Brian Cox and Bethenny Frankel).

But in case you're one of the people who's concerned that they won't ever really adapt to their family life in Montecito, Southern California, one celebrity lawyer firmly disagrees—based on his observations of how the late Princess Diana raised her two sons.

"From what I have seen, I believe that Prince Harry is going to acclimate quite well to life in America thanks in large part to the way that he was raised by his mother, Princess Diana," James. J Leonard told the Mirror.

"I think that she was well versed in the social and cultural ways of the west and raised both Harry and Prince William to honor and respect the traditions of their lineage, but also with an understanding of how the rest of the world works. I think Prince Harry is going to do just fine."

In case you're wondering why this lawyer is weighing in on the Sussexes out of nowhere, it's because he was asked to comment on the possibility of Harry's U.S. visa being affected by his admissions of past drug use in Spare.

"I do not envision any viable scenario where revelations in a memoir related to experimental and recreational drug use would lead to any immigration consequences for Prince Harry," he told the Mirror. He previously made similar comments in Page Six, so it's not looking like Harry will be made to leave the U.S. anytime soon. Sorry if that's something you wanted, for some reason?

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