Princess Kate Will Be a Much Less Divisive Queen Consort Than Camilla, Astrologer Says

Still, Camilla has many Queen-like qualities.

Kate Middleton Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
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Royal fans have been unequivocal supporters of Princess Kate, née Middleton, since she was confirmed as Prince William's future wife, but Queen Consort Camilla has had much a harder time of it when it comes to the public.

Camilla and King Charles famously carried on an affair while the latter was married to the late Princess Diana, who was widely beloved. This did nothing to help Camilla's public image, though she has slowly and steadily gained the approval of many royal followers in the intervening years.

But reputation isn't the only reason Camilla's time as a Queen Consort may be more fraught than Kate's, when the time comes for Prince William to become King: astrology.

Still, Camilla has many qualities that make her fit to be a Queen, astrologer Jessica Adams claims.

"Camilla is thoroughly royal with seven horoscope factors in Leo, the sign of the lion," Adams tells Express.

"Camilla is heavily Leo and so—away from the cameras—commanding, entitled and regal.

"Suitability for the role of Queen is best decided by Leo factors and here Camilla is born to rule."

As for what will be more difficult for Camilla, Adams explains, "Destiny will play a part, though, as she is not going to find the path to the crown easy and fate may take her off it.

"It just so happens that she is starting her journey on the cycle which saw the end of the monarchy in France.

"There will be many people in Britain who push for the same and this time the currents are with them."

According to Adams, Kate may be less of a "natural" Queen, but is a "perfect professional," who is set to have a smoother time than her predecessor as the Queen Consort.

"Kate has much easier cycles long-term than Camilla and although she would be a less natural monarch, she would also be under far less pressure," Adams adds.

"That would make her a far better fit for a kingdom that does not look united at all from March 2023."

Dear, oh dear.

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