Reneé Rapp Goes Full Regina George at the 'Mean Girls' Premiere

Rapp, who plays Regina in the new iteration, paid homage to the 2004 film with her outfit last night.

Renee Rapp, 'Mean Girls', Regina George
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As someone who never grew out of her musical phase, I am beyond excited for the Mean Girls movie musical, out this Friday.

People have their hesitations, but the stage version is so good (trust me) and captures the original film perfectly. Plus, it features Reneé Rapp, who was a part of the Broadway production and is an incredible singer.

Rapp plays the iconic Regina George in the film and paid homage to the original Regina George, played by Rachel McAdams, in her outfit for the film's premiere last night.

Rapp wore a black tuxedo dress with a baby pink corset on top. She paired this Christian Siriano spring 2024 design with chunky silver and black jewelry and black leather pointed heels. And we can't forget her signature blonde bangs.

The inspiration for this look came from the baby pink satin strapless dress that McAdams wore for the Spring Fling scene in the 2004 film, which she paired with a black neck and back brace (as she got hit by a bus, as if you forgot).

This was the perfect way to pay tribute to the other Regina George that you could almost say it is very fetch of her! Don't worry, I know that I can't make fetch happen, so we'll just call it grool for now.

Reneé Rapp 'Mean Girls' Premiere

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Rachel McAdams as Regina George

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As for the original Regina George, McAdams unfortunately was not one of the stars who joined for the premiere last night. She also did not partake in Walmart's Mean Girls commercial in November, although the other three Plastics (played by Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert) all participated.

When asked about her decision not to do this commercial, McAdams said, "I don’t know, I guess I wasn’t that excited about doing a commercial if I’m being totally honest," she said. "A movie sounded awesome, but I’ve never done commercials, and it just didn’t feel like my bag. Also…I didn’t know that everyone was doing it. I would, of course, always love to be part of Mean Girls reunion and hang with my Plastics, but, yeah, I found that out later.”

It's refreshing to see McAdams choose what's right for her and not let nostalgia or any type of pressure interfere with her current career plans. You do you.

The 2024 Mean Girls is scheduled for release on January 12, where we can see Rapp bring her Regina George to the big screen. In the meantime, you can already listen to one of the film's songs, "World Burn," on Spotify. Thank me later!

Reneé Rapp 'Mean Girls' Premiere

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