Did You Know? Rachel McAdams Wore a $10,000 Wig on 'Mean Girls' So She Wouldn't Have to Bleach Her Hair

And I thought my haircuts were expensive.

The movie "Mean Girls", directed by Mark Waters. Seen here, Rachel McAdams as Regina George. Initial theatrical release April 30, 2004. Screen capture. Paramount Pictures.
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Mean Girls is one of the most iconic teen movies of all time, and if you can recite every line off by heart, you probably think you know all there is to know about it.

But did you know that Rachel McAdams actually wore a blonde wig to play Regina George? And did you know that said wig apparently cost some $10,000??? No, me neither, or not until today anyway.

Rajiv Surendra, who played the legendary mathlete and rapper Kevin Gnapoor in the movie, spoke to Seventeen back in 2016 and revealed this jaw-dropping tidbit.

"Rachel McAdams' blonde hair is not her hair in the movie," he said when asked to share a little known fact about Mean Girls.

"They had a wig made out of human hair by a very well-known wig maker from this little town called Stratford, Ontario."

Surendra went on to explain why McAdams wore a wig instead of rocking her own hair.

"I don't know if this is actually true, but I remember hearing something about Rachel not wanting to bleach all of her hair," he shared.

"So the front bit was bleach blonde, so that was her real hair, but the wig was fake.

"I remember walking in to the makeup and hair trailer regularly and seeing the wig being washed. They actually would wash it and put this little shower cap thing on it that they would hook the blow dryer onto that would dry the wig. It was like a $10,000 wig."

The movie "Mean Girls", directed by Mark Waters. Seen here from left, Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels and Rachel McAdams as Regina George

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TBH, I wouldn't want it any other way for Regina George. It seems fitting that the only other person I know of whose hair once cost $10,000 is Kim Kardashian: Her stylist Chris Appleton once revealed that's how much her Met Gala pony tail cost, and that was before any of the styling costs, too. Whew!

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