Rose Leslie and Theo James Play 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?'

The 'Time Traveler's Wife' stars prove their chemistry is one for the ages.

Theo James and Rose Leslie clearly spent a lot of quality time together on the set of their new HBO Max series.

The stars of The Time Traveler's Wife took Marie Claire's trivia challenge proving that their chemistry is timeless—OK, sorry, we'll stop with the time puns. Between fits of giggles, the pair correctly answered several questions about each other's coffee orders, family histories, and hangover symptoms.

While Leslie and James first met during their Downton Abbey days, they really got to know each other playing time-crossed lovers Claire and Henry. Their first real character interaction, Leslie shared, was during a less-than-ideal chemistry read due to the pandemic. "It was over was the first time I had ever done a chemistry read through a kind of webcam. [It was] very, very strange and surreal," she said.  

To which James added, jokingly, "Very hot and heavy, as you can imagine."

Despite the decidedly unromantic audition process, it all worked out and you can now catch their ill-fated love story play out on The Time Traveler's Wife, with new episodes dropping Sundays. 

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