Princess Kate’s Uncle Reportedly Writing a Memoir of His Own to “Set the Record Straight” on Claims Made in Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’

“Harry wouldn’t have anticipated such a comeback from Kate’s family.”

Gary Goldsmith at Pippa Middleton's wedding, 2017
Gary Goldsmith at niece Pippa Middleton's wedding
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The chances of the Prince or Princess of Wales writing a memoir of their own—a response, if you will, to Prince Harry’s bombshell Spare, released earlier this year—is approximately zero percent. But will Kate’s uncle “set the record straight” for them?

Multiple outlets report that is exactly what’s happening as the Princess of Wales’ uncle, Gary Goldsmith—the youngest brother of Kate’s mother, Carole (Goldsmith) Middleton—is preparing to reveal “private family details” in a new book. Tatler reports that the book is “said to want to give the Middleton family ‘a voice’ in the midst of accusations and criticism pointed at the House of Windsor by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.” Basically, adhere to “Never complain, never explain”—but have your uncle speak for you? 

Prince William and Kate Middleton

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A source speaking to OK said that Goldsmith wants to “set the record straight” and have his book be the answer to Spare and the Harry & Meghan Netflix docuseries. “When Harry was originally compiling his book, his publisher was confident William wouldn’t comment, because it wouldn’t be fitting for a future king to do so,” they said. “Harry wouldn’t have anticipated such a comeback from Kate’s family.” He then added that the Sussexes “won’t like it one bit.”

A memoir has apparently been a long-held goal for Goldsmith, who first spoke about writing a book back in 2013 (and who has been involved in enough controversy on his own in the past for his story to be an interesting read, with or without the royal icing on the cake). “Initially, he said the book would not engage with any royal secrets that could potentially embarrass his niece, the Princess of Wales, or her husband,” Tatler reports. “Now, though, it appears he could have changed his mind. Still, he has promised that the princess and her mother, Carole, will have the final say on the manuscript.” 

Kate Middleton and Carole Middleton at Royal Ascot 2017

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“He did originally plan to focus the book on himself and his journey to becoming a millionaire, but he will now add in some private family details,” they said. “But it could be a good way of putting a Middleton voice out there to set the record straight over some of the things Harry wrote about in Spare.”

No potential release date for Goldsmith’s book have been shared as of yet. We’ll see what happens.

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