Prince George’s First Birthday Present from Grandfather Prince Charles Cost £18,000

It’s so big, it can be seen by visitors touring the gardens of Charles’ country home.

Prince Charles, Prince George, Prince William, Kate Middleton
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What does one future king get another future king for the latter’s first birthday? A playhouse—but make it fancy, to the tune of £18,000 (!).

Prince George received a pricy playhouse, installed at his grandfather the Prince of Wales’ home in Highgrove, for his first birthday, according to the Mirror.

“Given the hefty price tag, you’d expect this playhouse to be a bit more impressive than your usual children’s Wendy house,” the outlet said, using a term often used in the U.K. for a small playhouse for children—one that is large enough, though, for one or more children to enter. “With a wood-burning stove and a day bed, it’s safe to say that Prince George’s version is rather more upmarket.”

The expensive playhouse is installed in the garden of Charles’ country home, where now not only George but also his younger siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis play. It features a hand-built shepherd’s hut, a Victorian-style 12 foot by 6 foot playhouse and can be seen by visitors to the 15-acre gardens of Charles’ estate during a guided tour.

And, though the price tag is steep, it seems the playhouse may have been a gift: “The hut was presented to Prince George for his birthday from Dorset-based company Plankbridge as a thank you for funding received from the Prince’s Trust,” the Mirror reported.

And that’s not the only attraction for the three Cambridge kids in the Highgrove gardens—there’s also a treehouse that was built for the kids’ dad, Prince William, in 1989, when he was seven years old. The wooden house on slate stilts has since been refurbished by Charles for his grandchildren to play in, over 30 years later. 

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