Queen Camilla Allegedly Told King Charles that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Presence Makes Her “Uncomfortable”

Camilla also apparently is on icy terms with the Princess of Wales, too.

Queen Camilla at Royal Ascot
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Queen Camilla is still reeling about Prince Harry’s portrayal of her in his bestselling memoir, Spare, released earlier this year to much fanfare. At Royal Ascot this week, per OK, the gossip in the royal enclosure centered around Harry and Meghan—and in particular, Camilla’s grudge against the couple.

“According to Camilla’s friends, the mother-of-two ‘remains furious’ at Harry for calling her a ‘wicked stepmother’ in his memoir, Spare,” the outlet reports. “His cutting words are why she prefers to keep her distance from the parents-of-two.” 

King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle at Royal Ascot 2018

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A source said “Camilla tells Charles they make her uncomfortable, and Charles loves her unconditionally—he made her queen and will choose her well-being over them any time. Camilla knows not to go too far, as Charles still loves Harry. Everyone blames Meghan for the entire mess.”

King Charles and Queen Camilla at Royal Ascot riding in the carriage

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OK reports that Meghan isn’t the only stepdaughter-in-law Camilla is at odds with, though. The outlet writes “she allegedly is still not on great terms with Kate Middleton. That was made clear when the brunette beauty refrained from curtsying to the newly minted queen at the May Coronation.”

An insider said at the time “That obvious insult raised eyebrows big-time. Apparently, Kate was seething over commands Camilla made about Coronation guests and decided to make her angry feelings very obvious.”

Kate Middleton and Queen Camilla at Royal Ascot

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Another source claims the two women’s tension began shortly after Her late Majesty’s death last September, “as she [Camilla] went on a power trip after being named Queen Consort by the late monarch,” OK reports.

“Camilla’s lifelong dream of becoming queen had gone straight to her head,” a source said. “She started throwing her weight around, making it clear who was boss and demanding that everyone bow down to her. [Kate] was frankly disgusted by Camilla’s behavior.”

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