Ryan Gosling Picks Up a Fan (and a Cool Jacket) in London

The Kenergy continues to surge.

Ryan Gosling Barbie Event London
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Here's the thing about Ryan Gosling, a man whose daughters believe it was weird that he wanted to play Barbie's Ken: he really is just so exceedingly normal. Like, yes, sure, he is also immensely handsome and talented—able to charm the pants off of anyone he meets, even when he's not trying, which would be even more annoying if it were anyone else! But it's not anybody else we're talking about here, it's Ryan Gosling. The Number One Mouseketeer of our Hearts. The Guy from The Notebook. The Man with the Kenergy.

Because only an exceedingly normal guy like Ryan Gosling would rush over to help a fallen fan after a barricade collapsed in his vicinity. And that's exactly what he did. Because he's Ryan Gosling, Canadian Man of the People.

Ryan Gosling helps up a fan after a barrier falls as he arrives at BFI Southbank for an 'In Conversation about Barbie' event on December 08, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Neil Mockford/GC Images)

(Image credit: Neil Mockford/GC Images)

Not every man in Hollywood would throw caution to the wind while wearing a gorgeous cream colored coat like that, on the streets of London, in winter. Not mere moments before having to appear on stage at the BFI Southbank for an 'In Conversation about Barbie' event! He's not just Ken, my friends, he's so much more than that! But isn't that just Ryan Gosling for you? Or is this all just set up for Barbie 2?

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