Sarah Jessica Parker Opened Up About Aging: "I Don't See It as Something to Worry About"

A queen, as ever.

Sarah Jessica Parker
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Sarah Jessica Parker is a legend, and after several decades in the spotlight, she continues to be an inspiration for women everywhere.

As part of a campaign with French skincare brand RoC, the actress spoke to Vogue Paris about her thoughts on beauty, confidence and aging, and—unsurprisingly—she had so many insights to share. Take note!

Asked about her attitude to aging, Parker replied, "I don't really think about my age, I don't see it as something to worry about.

"Well, I don't know if it's denial or that I just don't want to face reality! [Laughs.]

"I don't see the point of trying to suspend time. Of course, I do care about my appearance from time to time and I do want to look presentable when it's appropriate. But in any case, I really can't do much about what people think of my appearance.

"How do I feel when I wear a dress? That's what matters. I dress in a way that makes me feel good and I hope that it's also interesting for people."

The And Just Like That... actress also expressed frustration over the reactions she gets to her "wrinkles or white hair" as a woman, versus the utter lack of reaction men get for the same thing. "I just really can't be the person that others expect me to be," she explained.

Parker is also grateful for the lessons she's learned in her 57 years.

"I can't say I feel better in my body, I used to be able to spend two hours on a set, and my knees and feet wouldn't hurt," she revealed.

"But in my head, I absolutely feel 100 percent better. With time, you accumulate all this experience, knowledge, and information, you make mistakes, and you learn. The more you learn, the better you know how to react and deal with challenges, problems, or disappointments."

So well said.

Iris Goldsztajn
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