This Giant 'Game of Thrones' Casting Call Is Full of Spoilers

Hey guard #1, what's good?

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Game of Thrones is gearing up to film its eighth and final season, and they're officially looking for new actors to join the family. But their latest casting call, per Watchers on the Wall, is a whopper—with seven roles up for grabs, all of which offer some spoilers about how the show will play out. Here's who they're looking for:

A mercenary, 35-50: GOT wants an "authoritative, fit, cool, and charismatic" actor to appear in two episodes next season—which, considering how fast people get killed off on this show—is basically a supporting role. Hmmm, as Watchers notes, Euron Greyjoy peaced out to get mercenary group the Golden Company last season, so this could be confirmation of that particular plot line's Season 8 manifestation.

A northern farmer, 25-35: GOT would like a "straightforward honest man" who works the land in the North. Unclear what this role will entail, but with tensions at Winterfell increasing, it's possible Sansa will pay a visit to her people. Or it's possible this dude will be turned into icy ash by a zombie dragon. Either way.

Guard #1, 20s: A mystery role with very little description. Watchers just reports that he's physically fit.

Guard #2, 30s: Another mystery role, though it's been stipulated that the actor should be white for this part. The scene he's in will be filmed in Spain.

A sassy/attractive girl, 18-25: GOT would like to find a "sexy and confident" young northern woman for just one scene. The role is "memorable" and will be with leading cast. Your guess is as good as ours on this one.

Northern Sentry, 18-25: This is another part that will be opposite leading cast. Watchers notes that this influx of small Northern roles could be a sign of deaths to come as the White Walkers take out the North.

A Sailor, 35-50: GOT would like to cast someone who looks like he's seen some things.

No pressure, but if you're a good fit for any of these parts, please audition and tell us literally everything. 😇.

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