Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Says Rumors About Multiple 'Game of Thrones' Endings Are Wrong: "It's Not Going to Happen"

In an exclusive interview with, the GOT star shoots down prevailing fan theories and spoilers.

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Game of Thrones is on hiatus until Season 8, and there are so many unanswered questions. Like, is Bran the Night King? Is the show filming multiple endings? And will Jon Snow be horrified when he realizes he had sex with his aunt?

In a quest for answers, caught up with U.N. Goodwill Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau at the Global Goals World Cup in Brooklyn, and had a *very* interesting conversation about Game of Thrones. Also relevant: He chatted about how important women's equality is to him, which, 😍.

First of all, he says the show isn't actually filming multiple endings.

"Do you think that's true? It seems really stupid to me. I mean if it's true I don't believe it, but I don't know, maybe. I mean, I haven't read the script, so unless they will show several endings that could be a twist, they're not going to waste that money. They know how expensive it is to shoot. You're not going to waste $100,000 a day to shoot something you're not going to use. It's not going to happen."

He has the most fun working with Gwendoline Christie.

"Gwendoline Christie—hands-down. She's just very funny to be around. She has a very particular laugh, which is infectious (in a good way)."

He wants Jamie to shade Jon Snow about his incest sex.

"I just want to have a scene…a scene where Jaime is with Jon Snow or Aegon Targaryen or whatever his name is [edit note: LOL]. I really want Jaime to find out and I just want to have him laugh at it. Just constantly question him… so how's your Aunt doing, Aegon? How's she feeling? There must be a little bit of resemblance because everyone's just going to applaud him. I think Jaime should be allowed a bit of a comeback."

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The most poetic way for Jamie to die would be old age and fart noises.

"Oh, just old age. He's going to doze off and then you're just going to hear a fart [Edit note: at this point he made a fart noise] and that's it."

He literally knows Jon Snow levels of nothing about the Bran Stark Night King theory, but he's here for it.

"I haven't heard that one before, but why not?" [Psst: If you're also unaware of this theory, click below.]

He's also not here for the viral Stark Sigil theory. (Note: Fans noticed that the Wight army formed the Stark Sigil when the camera panned up in the season finale.)

"Where was that? No, I didn't see that. This is just like people looking up in the clouds and saying 'look at that, that's my god!' That cloud signifies…I don't think there was a Stark Sigil. Maybe there was. I'll go back and look."


He cares about gender equality, so 👏 👏 👏 .

"I have two daughters, and I grew up with my mother and my two older sisters. Gender equality is very important. There are still so many places in the world where women are not allowed to participate and laws discriminate against women. That's a huge problem, and it's really very counterproductive and stupid. We have to change that. And I want my girls to be able to have the same rights that men do. It's very simple."

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