Join #ReadWithMC:'s Interactive Monthly Book Club

Never feel guilty about skipping book club again.

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Here at, we love a good book just as much as we love a great Meghan Markle outfit. But between busy schedules and the curveballs life throws at us, it's not so easy to make it to book club IRL. That's why we've come up with a way for you to get some much-needed reading done on your own time (but still be held accountable to finish!) and meet some new friends along the way—straight from your couch.

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What is #ReadWithMC?

#ReadWithMC is an interactive monthly book club created by the editors. We'll pick a book, you'll read it. Then, we'll curate a collection of honest, authentic reviews and recommendations from you and other #ReadWithMC participants and publish them on the site. Consider it socializing without actually socializing because, really, we all just want to take off our bra and lay down after a long day.

Before the new month begins, we'll reveal our selection right in this article, along with an exclusive Q&A with the author so you can learn more about the book and get excited to read.

How do I participate?

Buy the book, then start reading with us on the 1st (or before, if you want to get a little head start). Submit your reviews on Twitter or Instagram by the 28th with the hashtag #ReadWithMC to potentially have your review featured* on the site.

You can submit your review via your personal Twitter or Instagram account, but your profile must be public for us to see the hashtag and have it considered for the site. You can also share your real-time maybe-not-fully-formulated-into-a-review thoughts on the book throughout the month and see how far along other #ReadWithMC readers are simply by tweeting or posting using the hashtag.

When will the reviews be posted?

The official reviews will be posted on the 1st of the month. (So, the reviews of November's book will be posted on December 1st.) A nice way to give recommendations to women who are looking to add to their reading list, but may not have joined #ReadWithMC yet.


What book are we reading this month?

Starting November 1, we'll be reading Jasmine Guillory's newest novel, The Proposal—a whip-smart, hilarious story about a woman who receives a public engagement proposal to a famous actor, and how she handles the very real consequences of denying it. Learn more about the book and read an exclusive interview with Guillory, here.

What type of books will we read in the future?

We will be reading relatively new books, i.e. books published within the past few months—most will be novels, but some may be memoirs or essay collections. No matter what, we guarantee they'll make you laugh, smile, cry, get angry, want to take down the patriarchy, or all of the above. Last month, we read Vanessa Hua's A River of Stars. This interactive book club is exclusively composed of women authors.

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When will the next book be announced?

The third Monday of the month, so December's book will be announced on November 19th. You'll have enough time to purchase the book before the reading begins on the 1st.

Questions? Tweet us @marieclaire. Happy reading!

*Reviews may be condensed and edited for clarity, and will be chosen based on content and volume. If you submit a review with the hashtag #ReadWithMC, you agree to be considered for inclusion in a collection of reviews on the site. Only reviews submitted by the 28th of each month will be considered.

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