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#ReadWithMC Reviews Vanessa Hua's 'A River of Stars'

"A fascinating peek into a culture that isn't portrayed enough."

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To put it simply, October has been a hellscape. And with Trump's recent proposal to sign an executive order ending birthright citizenship, Vanessa Hua's A River of Stars couldn't be more timely. The novel highlights the journey of a Chinese woman fleeing her country in pursuit of a better life for her child, and reading it has become a way to escape from the real world while simultaneously relating to it.

Here, the #ReadWithMC community shares what they thought of A River of Stars.

"A River of Stars is delicious and delivers in every way: motherhood, female friendship, Chinese immigration, with strong doses of humor set in San Francisco's Chinatown." —@Karen_K_Lewis

"Just finished #ARiverOfStars and it was SO good! Scarlett and Daisy’s unexpected friendship shows the strong bonds that can be built when you lean on other people. I was obsessed with the journey you take with Scarlett as she navigates becoming a new mom in San Francisco. It was beautiful to see the scary, raw, and sometimes uncertain side of becoming a new mom. Having just visited San Francisco twice this month, I loved being in the same city where the women and their children started their lives." —@klchavez27

"#Ariverofstars was really interesting to read. The story of a Chinese immigrant headed to the U.S. to bear her child takes unexpected turns, but highlights the community she builds around her as an expecting and then new mother." —@myreading2018

"So enjoyed Vanessa Hua's ‘A River of Stars,’ a fierce, wrenching story of friendship, motherhood, sacrifice, and survival. And (sadly) a very relevant plot for us right now." —@sallyholmes

"I just finished reading A River of Stars this morning. Mostly, I really enjoyed this story of immigration, though I did find it to be a little slow." @readwithrachel

"Late to the party on this one, but man am I glad I read Vanessa Hua's A River of Stars. A fascinating peek into a culture that isn't portrayed enough. The plot is especially poignant considering POTUS's desire to (unconstitutionally) get rid of birthright citizenship." —@DaniSMcNally

'A River of Stars'
'A River of Stars'
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