You Can Schedule Emails From Gmail Now

No more emails with a 4 a.m. timestamp from when you remembered something in the night!

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It might take a little while to roll out on your device, but Google got everybody very excited yesterday by announcing that a new feature—Scheduled Send—is now available. This update is one of several announced on April 1, including better Smart Compose (basically, Gmail wants to write my emails for me, so thanks for that), and Suggested Subject for your email subject line.

Fun fact: Gmail was launched in April of 2004, with one gig of available storage, and was believed by many to be an April Fool's joke. (I mean, email by Google? What's next!) Now, on its 15th birthday, Gmail has 1.5 billion users, so the company used the opportunity to roll out some much-anticipated updates.

Here's how it works, if you're curious. On desktop:

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And on mobile:

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Here are the other features Google rolled out yesterday—Smart Compose, and Suggested Subject.

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An unexpected asset: By scheduling an email, you can potentially avoid sending emails you later regret, because you can always go delete the nasty-gram you composed in the heat of the moment. I mean, I'm not endorsing you do this, of course, but I can't stop you!

Gmail also shared a flashback to the original look and feel of Gmail waaaay back in 2004:

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Oh, memories, memories.

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