Turns Out That Starbucks Cup Is Just One of Many 'Game of Thrones' Continuity Errors

After the infamous "Starbucks cup sitting next to Dany in last episode of Game of Thrones" situation, fans have been rushing to point out that there have been a whole bunch of continuity errors on the show over the course of its eight seasons. Accordingly called "Game of Goofs," fans have been keeping tabs on the show's lapses in continuity.

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After the infamous "oh look at that Starbucks cup sitting next to Dany in last episode of Game of Thrones" situation, fans have been rushing to point out that there have been a whole bunch of continuity errors on the show over the course of its eight seasons, per the Daily Mail. Accordingly called "Game of Goofs," fans have been keeping tabs on the show, and they are, uh, let's call it passionate (i.e. obsessive) over documenting exactly when the show lapses in continuity.

Spoilers for Game of Thrones.

"The mistakes start in the show's very first episode 'Winter is Coming' in Season 1 where an extra is seen walking around set in a pair of jeans and what appears to be a Patagonia Jacket." OOPS. Maybe he was ahead of his time?

"In Season 6 the 'Battle of the Bastards,' the prop department slipped up and gave the mighty Jon Snow a floppy rubber sword." Ok but if they gave him a real sword, he might cut his own arm off.

"In Season 5's episode 'Mother’s Mercy'...the fallen Stannis Baratheon is seen slouched defeated on the ground with a computer cord peeking out from under his leg." Heh. I feel like he might have needed that tech, considering he got his head chopped off in that scene.

"In Season 5's episode 'Unbowed, Unbent Unbroken'...Nymeria Sand runs to capture the young girl Myrcella with a whip secured in her right hand. But when she gets to Myrcella a twisted dagger appears in her right hand." Uh...she's just that good of a fighter?

Then this one made me laugh a little: "In season 7 Jon Snow suffered scars to his forehead and chest. But in a subsequent scene his forehead scar is gone and his chest scar has moved to the right." The mystery of the moving scars!

And this one would be a BIG problem: "In 'Dance of Dragons' from Season 5, Jorah grabs Daenerys Targaryen by offering his right hand but is later seen in battle holding her with his left—the hand that's infected with the contagious disease greyscale." Oh crap. Is it a spoiler?? (No.)

Guys, I must be the most unobservant GoT viewer ever (it must be because I'm too busy screaming/covering my eyes/weeping. Guys, it's a stressful show). I actually went back and rewatched that scene with the Starbucks cup in it and I could barely see it. People are so eagle-eyed!

Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke jokingly admitted: It was totally her who left the coffee cup there.

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