There Was Supposed to Be an Enchanted Toilet in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Monsieur Toilette!

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In the live-action Beauty and the Beast, there was originally an enchanted, talking toilet character named Monsieur Toilette. That means that in the movie's world, there was a human character who was transformed into a talking toilet, and the Beast probably dumped gigantic loads in him on the regular. What a life!

According to Entertainment Weekly, the enchanted toilet was played by actor Stephen Merchant, and you can see him briefly in the Blu-ray release of Beauty and the Beast. In a deleted scene, Le Fou hides from a fight in a bathroom and is shocked to find a talking toilet in the room with him. Fair.

I'd like everyone to take a moment to fully grasp this concept. This was a human character who was transformed into a (typically) inanimate object, and instead of say, a teapot, or a feather duster, this poor fool became a crapper.

Now, I have some questions. What was his life like before this transformation? I mean, Mrs. Potts was a cook (makes sense), and Lumière was some sort of a butler (I'm assuming), but what the hell was Monsieur Toilette?! A sewage-maintenance man? A bathroom attendant? I don't understand. Please someone explain everything to me immediately.

Also, I think we can all agree that Beauty and the Beast was a worse movie for not having Monsieur Toilette in it. R.I.P. Monsieur Toilette.

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