'The Umbrella Academy' Season 4: Everything We Know

Including what could come next after that cliffhanger finale.

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After two long years, Netflix's irreverent superhero show The Umbrella Academy has returned with a new apocalypse and double the amount of heroes. Season 3 sees the superpowered siblings returning to 2019 to find that Reginald Hargreeves has built a new family called the Sparrow Academy, who are all super hostile to the Umbrellas. As our original heroes take shelter in the mysterious Hotel Oblivion, they also discover that their time-traveling has set off a black hole of a paradox that's sucking up the universe.

The 10-episode run, which ends in one of the show's famous cliffhangers, has already landed at Netflix's no. 1 spot, and fans are wondering where the inventive series could go next. Here's what we know about season 4 so far.

What happened at the end of 'Umbrella Academy' Season 3?

The new season picks up right where the season 2 finale ended in 2020: After meeting the Umbrellas in 1963—and being immediately disappointed in them—Hargreeves decided to choose a different set of superpowered kids to form the Sparrow Academy, six new additions plus an asshole version of Ben, who he hadn't met. It turns out the Sparrows aren't the biggest change in the timeline; it's Harlan, who kept his powers after the Umbrellas went back to the future. He grew up bullied and isolated, and when he sensed the Umbrellas about to be born in 1989, he unintentionally killed all their mothers so they were never born. When the group travelled back to 2019, it created the Grandfather paradox that created the Kugelblitz that wipes out the universe.

While the season 3 apocalypse is happening in the finale, Hargreeves manipulates the Umbrellas (plus Sloane, Sparrow Ben, and Lila) into entering the mirror of the Hotel Oblivion, and kills Luther and Klause in the process. There we finally learn the magnate's reason for creating the Umbrellas and the Sparrows: the hotel is actually a machine that the alien can use to create a new universe. He always needed seven warriors to defeat the machine's guardian (a multi-formed spinoff of the minotaur guarding the maze in Greek mythology) and act as keys to power the machine, killing them in the process. He always saw his adopted kids as tools to be sacrificed, confirming that he's the ultimate villain of the series and the absolute worst.

As the machine is sucking the life out of the Sparbrellas (Umbrows?), Allison realizes she's been tricked by Hargreeves once again and kills him to save everyone. But she still wants to press the button to reset the universe, and Victor lets her as a show of trust. The next thing we see is Allison arriving to her LA home to find Claire and Ray, who's her husband again and the father of her daughter. The rest of the Umbrellas (now plus Lila and Sparrow Ben) emerge from the hotel's elevator into a courtyard, and find all their wounds are healed. Luther's even no longer half-ape, but his celebration ends when he realizes Sloane's missing, and that all their powers are gone. The final shot shows a new timeline of New York, where Hargreeves rules over everything with his revived wife at his side. (There's also a final-final post-credits scene where a version of Ben is alive in South Korea, maybe the kind Ben we knew and loved.)

Has 'The Umbrella Academy' been renewed for Season 4?

Unfortunately for fans buzzing with theories of how the show may reinvent itself again, Netflix didn't give the series a renewal ahead of season 3's premiere (there are rumors (opens in new tab) that season 4 was greenlit internally, but nothing certain). It looks like fans will have to go through Netflix's typical waiting period, where the streamer sees how the new season does and announces a renewal after a month or so. So far, season 3 has stayed in the no. 1 slot, knocking Stranger Things out of its perch since its own highly-anticipated return.

As for when it could come out, before the pandemic stretched the time between seasons 2 and 3 to two years, there was only 17 months between seasons 1 and 2. Without delays, we could get season 4 in fall 2023.

Which of the cast would return for Season 4?

Based on the season 3 ending (plus the anatomy of the show as a whole), the core seven cast members—Elliot Page (Viktor), Tom Hopper (Luther), David Castañeda (Diego), Emmy Raver-Lampman (Allison), Robert Sheehan (Klaus), Aidan Gallagher (Five), and Justin H. Min (Ben)—are all set to return. Other's who are pretty much set are Ritu Arya (Lila), Yusuf Gatewood (Ray), and Claire (Coco Assad). Plus we'll need Colm Feore (Reginald Hargreeves) as the Big Bad, as well as the addition of Liisa Repo-Martell as his partner Abigail.

Other fan-favorite cast members who could return are Genesis Rodriguez as Sloane and Jordan Claire Robbins as Grace, since the post-credit scene sets up the possibility of people who died in previous timelines coming back. If Sloane does reappear, then there's a chance for the rest of the Sparrow Academy—Justin Cornwell (Marcus), Britne Oldford (Fei), Jake Epstein (Alphonso), and Cazzie David (Jayme)—to show up too. Also, this is a stretch, but it would be great to have Javon "Wanna" Walton (opens in new tab) back in some capacity.

What would Season 4 be about?

The Umbrella Academy is known for its cliffhanger season finales, so there's a wealth of possibilities for where next season could go. The biggest setup in the season 3 finale is a showdown between the Umbrellas and Hargreeves, who now owns what looks like every skyscraper in New York and probably has the political power to match. It would be super interesting to see what'll happen with the group going directly against their father now that he's at his most powerful, with his dead love alive by his side. (Plus, hopefully Luther tells everyone else that dude's an alien.)

There are a ton of little details that can be spun off into other theories. Allison and Hargreeves were the only ones who were involved in powering the machine, and it looks like they both have their hearts' desire in this new universe. While the rest of the Umbrellas are uninjured but their powers are gone, Allison still has the bloody wrap around her arm, so she may still have her powers. There's also a big question of whose side she'll be on in Umbrellas v. Hargreeves; if taking their father down means losing Ray and Claire again, she may stay on the side of the villain.

There's also the big question of how post-credits/kind, maybe-OG Ben factors in, since he exists in the new universe. His appearance hints that the show may bring back other deceased characters (my money's on Sloane) for some emotional subplots. Other loose ends include Diego and Lila's bun in the oven, Five founding the Commission at some point in his life, and whether taking down Hargreeves means just defeating him or restoring/creating another timeline. (Or just the destruction of this one. After all, what's the show without an apocalypse to stop?)

What have the cast and crew said about Season 4?

As fans of the comic series know, the show Umbrella Academy has officially outpaced the comics with the end of season 3. While some may fear a Game of Thrones situation for the upcoming seasons, showrunner Steve Blackmon told Newsweek (opens in new tab) that he has a plan for upcoming seasons, and that he's already consulted with writers Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá about his plans.

"We've deviated from the graphic novel to some degree, probably more this year than other years. You know, I love what Gerard and Gabriel do with "Hotel Oblivion." Some of it was hard to sort of translate financially, as well as sort of how we would turn it into storylines, but I do have a very, very good idea of what I want to do next season."

The writer added that he would love for the show to get seven seasons total, but that it depends on Netflix. "I'm not sure how many more seasons we have, but I do have a Season 4 that I think the fans will love and, you know, a great ending, if it is to be our last season," he said.

In an interview with People (opens in new tab), Diego Castañeda said that he's excited to explore some new dynamics in season 4, including the Umbrellas losing their powers.

"I honestly really do like the fact that we don't have powers because The Umbrella Academy was never really about the powers," he told the outlet. "The power was just a little seasoning to [the show], [this season] has de-escalated and it's become much more about, 'Let's just watch these people that we really love bantering with each other.'"

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