'The Craft' Cast: Where Are They Now?

It's been almost 25 years since the cult classic made its witchy debut.

The Craft
(Image credit: Getty Images, Archive Photos)

When it debuted in theaters in May 1996, The Craft, a horror-fantasy film about a group of teenage girls dabbling in witchcraft, wasn't expected to make a huge splash. But seemingly overnight, the witchy tale cast a spell (sorry!) on moviegoers across the country, earning nearly quadruple its budget in box office earnings, cementing its status in cinematic history as a cult classic, and, just this year, spawning a soft reboot-slash-sequel, The Craft: Legacy. In the more than two decades since The Craft premiered, the movie has only grown in relevance, with many citing it as a seminal example of "female outsiderdom" and of the rarely-seen-onscreen phenomenon of young women coming into their power outside of the bounds of the patriarchy. The movie also helped launch the careers of many of its young stars—here's what the coven (and the targets of their spells) are up to now.

Andrea Park

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