Who Is 'Bachelorette' Contestant Luke Stone, Who Gets Swept Up In Drama?

Luke Stone, one of two Lukes this season is going to play an important part in the upcoming episode of The Bachelorette. Thus far, this fun, goofy bachelor has made his mark being silly and fun with Hannah Brown, but other than that, he's been fairly low-key and hasn't gotten a ton of screen-time. That might be about to change, apparently. 

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Spoiler alert for this season of The BacheloretteLuke Stone, one of two Lukes this season (you might have heard of the other one, given that he's a frontrunner and a bit controversial) is going to play an important part in the upcoming episode of The Bachelorette. Thus far, this fun, goofy bachelor has made his mark being silly and fun with Hannah Brown, but other than that, he's been fairly low-key and hasn't gotten a ton of screen-time. That might be about to change, apparently—so here's what we know about him.

He's from Washington, D.C.

Luke is 29 and a part-time waiter who has also worked as a consultant. He originally hails from Massachusetts, and used to work at the House of Representatives. Per his bio, he now "works as a political fundraiser on Capitol Hill and is also a tequila expert and entrepreneur." The Washingtonian did a whole deep dive into his life in the capital, and figured out that he used to model for Vineyard Vines, as well.

Like most bachelors on this show, he loves to travel (I think it might be a prerequisite of the show, at this point):

Apparently, people tell him all the time that he looks like Bachelor's season 21 star, Nick Viall. I can kind of see it! Also, this: "Luke's best friends say his perfect girl is a Southern belle with a quirky personality." Soooo good thing Hannah got picked, huh?

He's been super quirky and cute.

Luke went all-in on the group date photoshoot with animals:

See also:

So cute! And I love that he just full-on went for it.

In the Mr. Right pageant in episode 2, he played the trumpet (poorly, sounds like) and had a blast doing it:

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The bachelors (and Hannah) looked like they were howling with laughter.

He apparently got into major drama with the other Luke.

So, next episode, episode 4, is the infamous rugby match that's showed up in a lot of the promos.

According to Reality Steve, the two bachelors who are seen getting rough with each other (unless there's more than one interaction like that, in which case it is ONE of the rough moments. Guys, this season is cray.) are the two Lukes. In other previews, Luke S. says something about "taking Hannah away" from someone else and how much "karma" is going to come around and bite someone. These clips very likely show up in this upcoming episode, because...

The drama caused him to apparently leave the show.

I'm just going to quote Reality Steve directly here:

At the cocktail party, Luke Stone thought Luke Parker was too rough during the rugby match and was out to hurt him. Felt it was uncalled for and upset by the whole thing and when he expressed it to Hannah felt she took up for Luke Parker, so Luke Stone eliminated himself before the rose ceremony.

Ouch. That must have hurt. Monday's episode is going to get interesting, and I can't wait to see how it plays out.

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