Who Is Luke Parker, a Bachelorette Contestant on Hannah Brown's Season?

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On this season of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown is on a quest to find "fierce love", and there are already some clear contestants to watch, even if you judge only by the promos. Luke Parker, a.k.a. Luke P., is one bachelor that's already shown up in the very first promo to proclaim that he was really, really into Hannah, so he's absolutely one to watch this season.

Spoilers ahead for The Bachelorette. Thanks to Twitter, some local eagle-eyed fans, and Bachelor guru Reality Steve, we also know a little bit about how Luke and Hannah's story might go. Luke is rumored to do extremely well this season. Of course, the producers haven't even finished shooting, so it's still anyone's game. But what do we know about this former athlete from Georgia who's already turning heads in the show?

He's a Southern guy.

Luke is 24 and from Atlanta, Georgia, according to The Bachelorette Facebook (although his bio lists him as being from Gainesville). Hannah is also 24, so they're age-equivalent. This could be also relevant, as Hannah is also from the South (as she's always keen to remind everyone) and it's a big part of her life, especially as the former Miss Alabama. The two are apparently both religious, too, based on their Instagram profiles (sadly, Luke's is private), so that's another thing they have in common.

Based on his bio, which ABC just released, "Luke P. is a good Christian boy from Gainesville, GA. He prides himself on being able to get along with anyone, and he loves team sports. After a religious awakening in college, Luke decided that when he dates, it's for marriage. To Luke, 'for better or for worse' means unconditional love."

He's an athlete and entrepreneur.

Luke attended Faulkner University and played baseball—and sported a pretty majestic beard, too, while he was at it—and studied sports management, according to a LinkedIn page that appears to belong to him. He's listed as an entrepreneur, with a part-time "job" of Crossfit. According to a Gainesville Times article about him, he also works for Parker Warehouse, the family business.

From his bio, apparently his hero is Tim Tebow—football, so that makes sense.

His sister-in-law applied for him.

In the Gainesville article, Hannah Parker, who's married to Luke's brother Mike, said, "This time last year, he went through a bad breakup. I watch the show, so my husband and I were just sitting there and I was like, ‘I’m going to apply Luke for the show and just see what happens,’ thinking he had no chance of getting on the show.”

Mike added, "He didn’t really want to be on the show if it was anybody else other than (Brown)." Awwwww!

He met Hannah B. early.

He already got an advanced meet-and-greet with Hannah on the Bachelor episode during which Hannah was officially announced. You can see their full (awkward but totally cute) encounter right here. Luke basically told her she was the bachelorette he wanted, and he was excited to get to know her.

And the two are very into each other.

There's been released footage of the show, and in it, Hannah and Luke agree that they're, like, REALLY into each other. I think that bodes really well—TBD.

He's the frontrunner.

Reality Steve says he's the one to beat in this season—and apparently, he became the frontrunner super early, too, because he got the first impression rose (allegedly). This would be the fifth time in a row in Bachelorette history if this happened—the first impression rose recipient went on to win the whole darn thing.

And he's made it to hometown dates.

Luke was one of four contestants to make it to hometown dates (go here for more details on her season so far) and Luke and Hannah were spotted holding hands and walking into a local dining spot (Curt's Cafeteria) to meet some of his friends. Reality Steve thinks this makes them soul mates, but we'll know soon if that's really true!

The other bachelors do not like him at all.

Uhhhh, when someone calls you a "pathological liar" and a "psychopath," that's never a good sign—thanks to a Bachelorette featurette, now we know that Luke is shaping up to be a bit of a controversial bachelor on the show. And, per Hannah, everyone in the house hates him.

Now, this could just be a sign that he's doing really well (often other bachelors/bachelorettes will try to poison the frontrunner with gossip in the hopes they might bring that person down a bit). But the fact that Luke expresses doubts about his own commitment in some of the footage...isn't great. Luke! You are the frontrunner! Just stay the course, for heaven's sake! I know, I know, the show wouldn't be as fun without some crazy drama, but sometimes the best strategy is to just let the drama play out around you. And considering Luke straight up just screams at another bachelor is a clue that he's not doing that. At all. Oh boy.

He's made it to overnights.

There are photos of Luke and Hannah sightseeing before the main event, courtesy of Reality Steve. They have a very relaxed and happy energy and it's clear that Hannah really, really digs him—considering we saw him in a Speedo in the above trailer, I can see why she might be excited (He's so hot. There, I said it.). So despite the aforementioned drama, Luke's still on track. And we will know very soon whether that will translate to winning Hannah's heart and getting that happily ever after the show's been promising.

You can go here to read more spoilery things about this season. Hint: We might know how things ultimately turn out for this Southern gentleman and his hopeful Hannah.

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