Jed W.'s Music Career That Caused So Much 'Bachelorette' Drama Is Actually Legit

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One of the Bachelorette frontrunners for Hannah Brown's heart, Jed Wyatt, admitted last night that he maaaaybe didn't initially come into this season as a contestant for totally the right reasons—he figured the platform would be good for his music, he explained in his one-on-one date. But the singer and guitar player from Nashville now fully falling for Hannah, and his future on the show seems pretty bright.

So how far along was his career before he came on the show? And has it had the intended consequences he was hoping for?

He's wanted to be a musician since he was young.

So for context, here's the full conversation. Jed loves music, since he was a kid listening to his grandmother, and it's all he's ever wanted to do. "When I signed up for the show, I was first thought was, 'This is a huge platform,'" Jed explained. "I came in with that mindset." On their one-on-one, he said he wanted to be up front with Hannah about his original intentions. Hannah was a bit confused, at first, as to why all of a sudden he's pivoted from "wanting to be a famous musician" to "fully in on marriage."

Jed continued and was insistent that his feelings had changed. "Now, more than anything, I want to be with you," he explained.

At this point in the show, Hannah has said Jed is a big frontrunner, so there's plenty more to come from this contestant. Also, I bet the producers love that his singing/playing abilities make for good TV.

Jed's already got music for sale.

His music is on iTunes and Spotify, and here's one of his latest:

He's also got a little music on YouTube:

And here's what that track sounds like:

It's got a very low-key, John Mayer vibe to it that I kind of love.

He plays for fun, too.

It's also not just his career: Jed apparently likes to play for fun as well, in this case a very pretty cover of "Fools Rush In":

And gorgeous holiday music covers:

He also plays the piano (ugh, I really love that):

He's not just a singer.

We haven't seen this on the show yet (and Jed didn't reference it in his big reveal to Hannah), but I'm hopeful we might get a chance to see some of his other creative talent: dancing.

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He used to be a burlesque dancer, apparently, and I am here for it.

He's made up multiple songs for Hannah.

During the Mr. Right pageant on episode 2, Jed sang a sweet little made-up tune for his "talent" portion. He also sang a "roll tide" tune on night one:

And he made up a few bars of "Hannah B., gettin' down on one knee" in his (unaired) intro video:

It's like Cam Ayala's rapping (i.e., we're going to see him do it a lot on the show), but less annoying.

He's gotten a ton more followers.

As an added bonus of being a frontrunner for The Bachelorette, Jed's follower count is now up to over 147,000 followers. Obviously Jed hasn't talked about whether that's translated to music sales, but it probably bodes well. (Also, wouldn't he make an amazing Bachelor if Hannah didn't pick him? Just sayin'.)

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