Who Is Cam Ayala, the Guy Who Rapped to Hannah on 'The Bachelorette'?

Of the men in Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season so far, there are a few that have stood out. We've already seen a ton of Cam Ayala, so that might bode well for his ultimate success with Hannah. So what do we know about Cam, and what does his show arc look like?

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Of all the men in Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season so far, there are a few that have stood out: Some for their physique, some for their "passion" (temper), and some because they're just quirky. Contestant Cam Ayala is in that last category. We've already seen a ton of him, so that might bode well for his ultimate success with Hannah.

So what do we know about Cam, and what does his show arc look like?

It's absolutely a trend: A lot of Hannah's guys are from the South. Cam is from Austin, Texas, per his bio, and he's a sales manager at Tableau with a "competitive personality." Yes, amongst the many things I'd probably call Cam, competitive is one of them. Sigh. He is also a "dance floor king," whatever that means, and loves The Notebook. In his bio, it also says the most important thing in a woman, for him, is dental hygiene. Ok...?

He's also a family guy, per his Instagram:

And like every other bachelor, he likes to travel:

He's honest about health struggles.

In a long post in 2018, Cam admitted that he suffers from lymphedema, a rare and rarely studied condition that almost necessitated amputation, but that he's healthy and happy:

He's a rapper and musician.

Per his bio, "Cam can freestyle rap about anything and play the harmonica." We have seen the former in action:

Also he rapped AGAIN to her in the premiere and blew rose petals at her, so there's a lot happening here.

He's really quirky.

I know, I know, I shouldn't judge. But the rap to Hannah? After which she still gave him a rose?? And according to an exclusive clip from Entertainment Weekly for episode 2, he butted in on a conversation with another bachelor, fed them both chicken nuggets—EW called it a chicken nugget "threesome"—and the other guy threw nuggets at him. It's also where we discover Cam's life mantra: ABC, or Always Be Cam. Ugh. You might just want to watch the clip and come back, because it's pretty spectacular. 

In fairness, he's not, like, John Paul Jones annoying, but definitely, definitely makes me yell "No!" at the screen whenever he's on. I'm hoping he's just around for some early drama. But he already made out with Hannah in the premiere, so does that mean we'll be seeing lots of him?

Oh boy.

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