Is Jed W. on 'The Bachelorette' Just for His Music Career?

The handsome front-runner dropped a huge bomb on Hannah during a one-on-one convo.

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As citizens of Bachelor Nation know, every season someone is there—at least from the perspective of the fans and fellow contestants—for the wrong reasons. Often this is code for "not friendly" or "does underhanded things to get extra time with the lead." But sometimes a suitor really isn't there for the right reasons. Like Wes Hayden, who competed for Jillian's heart on Season 5, and—as it turned out—applied for the show to...promote his band. Well (*SPOILERS AHEAD*), tonight Jed W. kinda admitted the same?

A quick recap: Jed W. (i.e. Wyatt) has been a fan favorite since before the season started. The 25-year-old musician is a handsome southern gent—just like Hannah likes 'em—and he's breezed through the first few episodes without any real drama. Tonight, he was blessed with a one-on-one date card. In typical Bachelor/ette fashion, after Hannah and Jed wandered around Boston (the show has left the mansion and L.A. behind and the gang is now staying in Newport, RI), they played some basketball with the help of Celtics stars Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier (causal), then went for a romantic dinner. It's here where the date took an interesting turn.

In the middle of the obligatory let-me-reveal-something-deep-about-myself conversation that typifies early one-on-one dates, Jed starting talking about his music. Cool. Standard. But in the midst of discussing how music is his biggest passion, he also admitted that he signed up for the show knowing it was a huge "platform." That's right, ladies and gentleman, Jed came right out and said that he auditioned so he could play his guitar on national television. Oh, and he prefaced this by referencing the "honesty" that he knows Hannah has asked all the guys for.

The audacity! Twitter was not calm.

After that giant truth bomb, did Hannah send Jed packing? Well, she did take a moment to ask him how she could trust that he is here to be in a relationship after that admission, to which Jed fooled her with some trickery said that he is "falling for [her]" and that now that they've hung out a couple times, "the only thing [he] would really need is [her]." Hannah melted a bit, he got a rose, and then they made out. Twitter had thoughts about that, too.

So now the question is: Will Jed leave this season with love? Or fame? Or both? Or neither? Guess we'll have to wait anywhere between one and four more weeks to find out.

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