Who Is Mike Johnson on Hannah Brown's 'The Bachelorette' Season?

He lists his occupation as "happy at life."

Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette has already included a box king, a fence jump, and one guy who got sent home pretty much immediately (RIP Scott), so it's already packed full of drama. One of bachelors has already gotten a good amount of airtime, both in previews and in the premiere: The outspoken, super-handsome Mike Johnson, who looks like he's on track to be part of that aforementioned drama. So what do we know about him?

He's Southern.

Like a lot of Hannahbama's men, the 31-year-old Mike hails from the South—specifically San Antonio, Texas. He's also an Air Force vet and a "city boy who loves to get down and dirty," whatever that means—probably good news for Hannah, if you know what I'm saying.

He's a family guy.

Looking at his Instagram, he has lots of references to how much he loves his family. He just recently re-shared a video of himself, while he was in the Air Force, surprising his mom in 2012 after not seeing her for a year and a half.

So cute.

He's goofy.

Like, maybe literally, since he shared a shot of him down in Disney:

And Exhibit B:

He's adventurous.

Per his bio, Mike "enjoys Krav Maga and going to trampoline parks." (Considering that two guys literally get into a fistfight on this season, the Krav Maga might be useful! The trampoline, less so.) Also, apparently, "Mike really wants to learn Mandarin and get into Parkour," and he's traveled to 30 countries. From what we've seen from him on the show thus far, he has personality for days, but TBD how that actually translates on winning Hannah's heart.

He says his career is "happy at life."

No, really: On his LinkedIn page, the job title is "Happy," and the company is "Life," which I find intriguing (why have a LinkedIn page at all, if not to talk about job experience? But I'm glad he's so happy...!). To be fair, his LinkedIn also goes into all the volunteering he does, which is great.

On the show, his bio says he's a portfolio manager, so he's likely in finance.

He's also done some modeling (and is a football fan, judging by that caption):

He shows up a lot in previews.

Interestingly, Mike is seen spilling the tea over one of the other bachelors, Luke Parker, around being an "evil, pathological liar" and a "psychopath" (he's not alone in that—apparently everyone in the house hate him, according to Hannah?). In another preview, he admonishes someone for disrespecting women, which I love. So we know he's outspoken.

He also has a scene where he and Hannah are gettin' into a little PDA, so we know she's into it so far.

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