Sean Spicer Launches Politics-Style "Spicer/Arnold 2019" Campaign to Win 'DWTS'

"This fall, let's finally vote for someone who represents people like us."

ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" - Season 28 - Portraits
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On this week's episode of Dancing With The Stars, Sean Spicer leaned into his politics background and set up a "Spicer/Arnold 2019" DWTS campaign to urge viewers to vote for himself and partner Lindsay Arnold. The scene was presented as a skit, but the campaign is serious (well, as serious as a politics-style campaign on DWTS can get)—there's a Spicer/Arnold 2019 website, even, and a campaign video to boot.

In the skit-style intro, Spicer is seen driving through the streets urging strangers to vote for him and Arnold—you know, just like the full-time political campaign that is Trump's presidency that Spicer handled from his position as White House Press Secretary. (It's about as subtle as a blow to the head, that skit.) He also showed off a variety of Spicer/Arnold memorabilia, like T-shirts and yard signs, which I have a bad feeling will show up on the campaign website any day now.

Here's the logo:

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The campaign video goes further, declaring in a dramatic voiceover:

It's a little endearing—as all campaign videos are designed to be, lest we forget—because the narrator speaks over spliced footage of Sean Spicer falling over repeatedly and generally failing to keep either rhythm and moves, which is something I, myself, and probably plenty of Americans, can relate to. But this is Sean Spicer, people. Stay focused!

This week, Spicer wore a tamer shirt than last week's lime green monstrosity, which was...a relief. The judges said, without apparent irony, that he had improved vastly from the week before, which is the equivalent of getting the "Most Improved" trophy at summer camp and knowing that means you weren't great at the sport start to finish (what, me?).

ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" - Season 28 - Season Premiere

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Clearly, Spicer is a little worried about votes tonight. Earlier today, he sent out an email blast asking for votes for his birthday:

Spicer's turn on the show has been a source of controversy. The former White House press secretary, notorious for innumerable lies told with a straight face from the podium, was an unpopular choice for host Tom Bergeron. Bregeron tweeted when the lineup was announced: "[It was] my hope that DWTS...would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitably divisive bookings from ANY party affiliations." Clearly, not to be.

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