Who Is Victoria Paul, Nurse, 'Bachelor' Contestant, and Pageant Winner?


Spoilers for The Bachelor.

Peter Weber's been making some interesting choices on his road/flight path to love on this season of The Bachelor. One of the contestants that we know has done well so far is Victoria Paul, who is a pageant winner (like many of his women this season) and has a really interesting backstory. She also, judging by spoilers, has had a good run on the show, and we'll want to keep an eye on her as the show progresses. So what do we know?

She's a pageant winner.

Paul is Miss Louisiana USA and is originally from Alexandria. She competed in Miss USA and got into the top 15. She talks about her pageant experience a bunch and it's very clearly an important part of her life. Per her pageant bio, she works part-time in dermatology and full-time in urgent care as a practical nurse.

Also, she has a really interesting backstory: "Victoria is passionate about fitness and health but also about empowering and motivating others, especially children. The 26-year-old draws from her own challenges that she faced in her childhood. At one time, Victoria and her family lived in a homeless shelter."

This is Paul:

And here she is with some of her fellow pageant winners (she's on the far right):

She's already had a one-on-one date.

Pics here, but the gist is that Weber and Paul were seen in public practicing line-dancing moves. Paul was dressed casually in a black body suit and ribbed jeans, as well as cowboy boots and a hat. Apparently that was a hint about their upcoming date at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California. Per Reality Steve, "It’s a country themed date & the Just Dave Band is playing. There’s line dancing & a mechanical bull set up. They taught the audience line dancing so they could do it with Peter and Victoria." Here's how it went (lol):

Maybe her medical knowledge came in handy? I dunno. Spoiler alert: She's made it to the top 15 of Weber's women. That, plus the one-on-one, means she's one to watch.

And her odds seem good, but...

It appears as though Paul's Instagram is no longer private. She made it private in mid-September, which is typical for someone going on the show, and making one's profile public again is usually a sign that the person was eliminated or left. Please note, though, that I am fully speculating here and it could mean nothing. Paul hasn't said anything about the show or her time on it (for obvious contractual reasons), but she has posted about her pageant work:

So TBD on how her journey ends. Here's what we know about Weber's whole season so far.

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