What Happens on 'The Bachelor' During Peter Weber's Season?

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Spoilers for The Bachelor ahead. Peter Weber, a.k.a. Pilot Peter, a.k.a. the Windmill Hookup Guy, a.k.a. the man that Bachelor Nation is calling "the perfect guy," is our new Bachelor. (He's actually our second pilot, after Jake Pavelka, but will hopefully have a less nutty season.) Signs are looking good so far—Weber has a strong connection to his family (his brother and dad are pilots and his mom was a stewardess) and a smart, low-key, empathetic energy. Weber came in a close third on her season, and Hannah Brown admitted that he was a terrific guy after their time together ended. Also, since he's so low-key, you know that the producers are stacking his contestants with dramatic women; Thanks to some early spoilers, it already sounds unbelievably intense. Can't wait. So what do we know about the drama and spoilers of his season so far?

The end is, apparently, not "normal."

I realize this is the teaser to end all teasers, but Reality Steve dropped a massive bombshell on us in his latest podcast. "On November 17 [the date that the finale was filmed] there was not: Hannah shows up, Madison shows up, he dumps one and gets engaged to the other. Did not happen." So, in other words, this season's ending is not "normal," with two contestants and one selection. Whaaat?!

So far that's all the information we have. Now, granted, there have been plenty of "unusual" finales in recent Bachelor-verse history: Colton's fence jump, Hannah's dumping Jed on live TV, Arie changing his mind about his final selection. But this is surprising—Weber's season seemed like it was fully on track to be a normal conclusion to a Bachelor season (see more below).

Speculation has varied from: he dumps them both! to he wants to date them both! to he goes off to be with Hannah! to he quits the show! to he doesn't want to get engaged! Unfortunately, there's nothing definitive yet, so we all need to stay tuned with baited breath. That Hannah thing, though—has the show been giving us clues that Weber isn't over Brown and he's about to bail on the show? Is that what we're being set up for??

Filming is over.

GAH! Who'd he pick? I have to know!! The good news is, it'll either be Madison "Madi" Prewett, former beauty pageant contestant from Alabama, or Hannah Sluss, former beauty contestant from Tennessee. Kelsey Weier was eliminated after hometown dates. Victoria Fuller, she of the crazy drama (more on that below) who'll likely be painted as this season's villain, got called out during her overnight date and still managed to make it until overnights. Then, she got eliminated too—in highly dramatic fashion, mostly likely. This sounds a lot like Jed Wyatt from Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season, with the only difference being Weber finding out more information earlier on in his season.

Also, some weird post-show drama has been happening with Fuller, so...that happened:

Yikes. We also have a first look at Weber's season thanks to an official promo:

As spoiled previously, Brown does come back, but no she doesn't join the show. It's just the producers being weird. But what is real is all that crying, because this season's gonna be nuts.

The show drama became next-level.

Well well well. The dramatic ladies have not disappointed this season: We already knew there were a lot of pageant contestants (which is usually a synonym for "cattiness," unfortunately, although not always). We already knew that there was infighting, much more than Caelynn and Hannah B. of 2019's The Bachelor—more on that below. And now we know that the craziness extends way, way beyond that. The drama was so intense during filming that there were apparently full cliques within the house. They even had names, the fighting was so bad:

Oh god. This feels particularly bad, even by Bachelor standards.

We know Weber's top four.

One of them, Victoria Fuller, has apparently stirred up some controversy because of her behavior before the show. It isn't just limited to her singer ex, Chase Rice (who showed up on her one-on-one—more on that below), but to apparently the fact that she has dated several married men in the past and even broken up marriages with close friends, thanks to some Reality Steve spoilery sources. The narrative of the show will apparently dive headfirst into this, with someone potentially confronting Fuller about her behavior and Weber's choices coming down to a "bad" contestant vs. "good" contestants:

Oh, and Weier and Sluss apparently have had beef throughout the show, so a SECOND dimension to Weber's top four could/will be the two frenemies at war with each other. The top four have maximum drama, is what I'm saying.

Someone came back after their elimination.

Alayah Benavidez apparently was fully ensconced in the craziness this season, because apparently it's the reason she's sent home. She subsequently comes back, pleads her case with Weber because apparently another contestant (Victoria Paul) lied about her to Peter. It doesn't work, and he sends her home:

Ironically, Paul ends up getting sent home eventually as well, so it doesn't end up working out for her either.

Weber had a MAJOR accident.

As reported first by Radar Online, Weber apparently was playing golf when he split his face open by hitting his head on two cocktail glasses he was carrying. He needed 22 stitches to the face. Let me repeat that. TO THE FACE. Producers must have screamed. Was it caught on camera??

Host Chris Harrison explained, "Peter suffered a freak accident. He got a cut on his head, he did get stitches but he's 100% OK and production is already back underway. He's still the dashing, handsome pilot we've all dreamed of." It hasn't stopped filming, although how they're going to handle a massive cut to the face, I have no idea.

Three more women have been eliminated.

And then there were 12. Pictures here of the women leaving the rose ceremony, but Deandra Kanu, Savannah Mullins, and Kiarra Norman have been eliminated.

This is Deandra:

This is Savannah:

And this is Kiarra:


Get ready for drama.

If you were entertained by Caelynn and Hannah bringing old pageant fights onto the show, then I have great news for you, because that is absolutely nothing compared to what we're about to see:

I confess to being stressed already.

Weber got down to his top 15 quickly.

Wow that was fast. So here are the women to watch out for when we ultimately do get the show on our TV screens in January:

  • Hannah Sluss (first impression rose recipient)
  • Lexi Buchanan
  • Kelsey Weier
  • Mykenna Dorn
  • Deandra Kanu
  • Natasha Parker
  • Victoria Paul
  • Victoria Fuller
  • Tammy Ly
  • Kelley Flanagan (met Weber pre-show)
  • Sydney Hightower (went to school with Bachelorette Hannah Brown)
  • Shiann Lewis
  • Kiarra Norman
  • Savannah Mullins
  • Madison Prewett

    Noticeably absent is Sarah Coffin (a rumored early frontrunner) and Alayah Benavidez, who was also rumored to do well. Jade Gilliland, Megan Hops—the two flight attendants—and Alexis Thind, a fellow pilot, are also out, which means no one from the aviation profession is left. Thus far, I am mildly surprised by Weber's choices. It should make for a season that's less predictable and fun to watch, fingers crossed.

    He's had several one-on-ones—and one was super awkward.

    Weber's already had a couple more group dates (an "epic" pillow fight hosted by Demi Burnett, a fashion show in which two contestants, Sluss and Weier, apparently had beef) and a couple one-on-ones with Kelsey Weier, Kelley Flanagan, Victoria Paul, and Victoria Fuller. The date with Fuller was unbelievably awkward, as the musical act accompanying the one-on-one was—likely deliberately—Chase Rice, Fuller's ex. And yes, both Weber and Fuller had to go talk to him afterwards. GAH.

    There's been a "failed" group date already.

    Oh god, this is terrible/hilarious. So yesterday there was a group date set to take place at Avalon Hollywood, a nightclub and events space. But then, juuuust as the audience (of Bachelor fans, most likely) were about to excitedly head in, things took a turn:

    WOW. We later got clarity (a favorite Bachelor word!) on the situation. Hannah Brown actually showed up to have a heart-to-heart with Weber, and it apparently left him rattled enough to cancel the date. He has since continued to film, though, so it was probably just a minor thing for maximum manufactured drama.

    If you remember, Brown also got sick early on in her season. It then gave Connor Saeli the opportunity to help her feel better and write her a bunch of notes, so I'm wondering if the same situation applied here as well—in other words, Weber/the producers selected a lady to come by and check on him, to see if he's doing better. The producers can still get a romantic moment, and it'll no doubt cause drama with the other women.

    Also, a group date writing about a sex topic sounds utterly stressful, soooo no thanks.

    Shooting is already nuts.

    Apparently Brown shows up to talk to Weber, and some of the girls go to crazy lengths in their intros to impress him. Think: Dressing up as a windmill, coming as an airplane, bringing a...cow?


    One contestant self-eliminated:


    And one made a sex joke RIGHT AWAY (lol):


    Guys, this is insane.

    A Daily Mail article has pictures of (probably the first) public group date for Weber's women. In a very Top Gun-esque move, Weber is wearing a leather jacket and jeans just like the character Maverick, and the women are all wearing jumpsuits (more pics here) to compete for a one-on-one date. The pictures look like it's an obstacle course/carnival-esque situation? There apparently was also a windmill there, for symbolism—they're really hitting us over the head with both pilot stuff AND windmill stuff, and I already feel exhausted.

    We know all the locations.

    This season's production officially started on September 20, and the first few dates (episodes 2 and 3, maybe 4) will take place in L.A.—a very media-savvy city with thousands of camera phones. Thus, early spoilery pics are comin', people, so get excited. We also now know that episode 4 will be in Cleveland, Ohio, and will involve the football team there:

    Reality Steve also spoiled that the international dates (episodes 5-7) will take place in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, but it's unknown what the order will be at the moment. Episode 8, hometowns, will be...wherever the girls live. Overnights and final rose take place in Australia—the first time for the series, ever. Apparently the show has wanted to do it for a long time, but I also wonder if it has to do with the show also hoping to avoid spoilers by being far away from the U.S. I doubt that'll stop any of us (lol).

    When the field starts to narrow, we'll get more insight about exactly which hometowns are happening, and where the show's going. Again, none of this has happened yet, so a lot of it is speculation.

    Weber was ID'd as the potential lead months in advance.

    Whispers of Pilot Peter started as soon as fans learned that he wasn't Hannah's final pick (he made it to overnights, then ended up being sent home straight after). He had a terrific exit, and his family was brought on for his post-show interview with Chris Harrison. Then, Reality Steve confirmed that the tight race between him and Mike Johnson had ended in Weber being selected as the final pick—not a surprising or a challenging pick for the producers.

    He has a strong fanbase.

    Fans grew to love the quiet pilot over his time on The Bachelorette, and grew even more excited once they learned they might ACTUALLY have a shot with him.

    So his season will have approximately one million windmill and pilot puns in it, and has the chance to bring on some really thirsty, dramatic girls.

    These may be his women.

    TBD, but The Bachelor released a photo album of the women who "may" be on the show [update: ABC has, seemingly without explanation, removed the post]:

    But I have the feeling some will be cut (usually 3, to make an even 30) before the season begins. The full details of the women are here, but thus far we know that two are flight attendants (one of whom, Jade Gilliland, is getting dragged on social media for getting divorced before the show, which, geez), one of the contestants, Kelley Flanagan, has met and hit it off with Peter already, and one (Sarah Coffin) is already thought of as a potential frontrunner. There are also a ton of pageant contestants and winners, in addition to a good mix of influencers, models, and a former pro cheerleader. The pool of candidates is already being called "homogenous," but TBD on what that'll mean for the show.

    We'll update this space when we know more—but here's everything we know about Peter's end result from his season.

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