Who Is 'Bachelor' Contestant Sydney Hightower, Hannah Brown's Classmate?

As we learn more about Peter Weber's Bachelor season, a few important contestants have begun to emerge. One of them is Sydney Hightower, who has very little spoilery drama attached to her name so far.

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Spoilers for The Bachelor ahead. The names of a few important contestants have begun to emerge from Peter Weber's Bachelor season—and one of those contestants is Sydney Hightower, who has very little drama attached to her name thus far, but has quietly advanced through the season.

Could she be this season's dark horse—like Katie Morton on Colton Underwood's season, who ended up having a particularly strong appearance on Bachelor in Paradise? Here's what we know so far about the contestant. 

She recently set her Instagram to public.

Unlike a lot of other Bachelor contestants who set their Instagram profiles to public after the show finishes filming, Hightower was set to private until recently. She's quickly amassed more than 20,000 followers, and it seems she had a good experience on the show, based on one of her posts: "Feeling extremely nostalgic and thankful. Tonight is the start of this incredible journey I was so blessed to be a part of."

She went to high school with Hannah Brown.

We do know one cool thing about Hightower. Even though she isn't actually the only contestant who's from Alabama this season—Madison Prewett, who's also rumored to do well, is also a 'Bama girl—but Hightower was classmates with Brown at Tuscaloosa County High School. They actually were there at the same time, too. So I wondered if that'll make things awkward when Brown shows up (twice!) this season:

But they didn't seem to interact at all, which was...interesting? Warning: Spoilers ahead.

She gets sent home in Chile.

The Bachelor jammed two episodes into the first week of February—one Monday, one Wednesday—and it'll be the last week we see Hightower.

Though she makes it through Cleveland, Costa Rica, and most of Chile, not to mention the infamous 2-on-1 date that tends to happen at the apex of the season, Hightower is ultimately sent home in a rose ceremony that airs during the Wednesday episode. 

She had a run-in with pageant queen Alayah Benavidez.

In one of the only instances I've seen on this show of one contestant critiquing another to the Bachelor or Bachelorette winning them a rose, Hightower was open with Weber about her concerns about Benavidez—namely, that she didn't think that Benavidez was being genuine with Weber, and (you guessed it) wasn't here for the right reasons. Weber gave Hightower a rose on their group date for being honest with him, and went on to eliminate Benavidez.

But then! Benavidez comes back, and previews show Weber declaring that he's being lied to by someone, which may suggest that he's having second thoughts about Hightower. But in spite of that...

She does fairly well on the show.

No spoilers about who won here, but Hightower at the very least cracks the top 12. She'll be one to watch—contestants from the top echelons (as well as the occasional funny contestant from night one) can show up on other Bachelor shows like Bachelor in Paradise. If you remember, Connor Saeli, who ended up being a fan fave and dated Whitney Fransway for a brief period after appearing on BiP, was a top 12 contestant before he self-eliminated. So if Hightower doesn't win Weber's heart, we still might see her again.

Here's everything we know about what happens this season. 

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