Who Are Peter Weber's 'The Bachelor' Contestants?

The women of 'The Bachelor' 2020, a.k.a. the season of pilot Peter Weber, are an...interesting bunch, to say the least. Ahead, their bios, spoilers, and more.

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Major spoilers for The Bachelor ahead. The women of Peter Weber's Bachelor season are a...dramatic bunch, to say the least. Within a few episodes, we'd seen the contestants self-divided into "cats" and "rats," lose their minds over who knew what about a bottle of champagne, and (justifiably) gang up on Weber himself. Basically, the 2020 contestants are a dynamic bunch of women who aren't afraid of stand up for themselves, which makes all the drama over who wins—or doesn't—even more intriguing. (More on that below.)

First, here's everything we know about the women who play a major role on this season:

And here are of the specific details we've learned about the contestants pre- and post-show. Again, heavy spoilers ahead.

The final two women are Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett.

If Reality Steve is to be believed, Weber's final rose ceremony did not end in an engagement but he is with someone now. We already knew his season ending was weird (more on that below) but now we have a few more details. We know that Weber isn't with Hannah Brown. Thanks, producers, for getting our hopes up.

We also know it's not this season's "villain" Victoria Fuller—although, in an interesting spoiler, apparently Weber sends her home before he has the chance to meet her parents during hometown dates, and she comes back to convince him to keep her on. She makes it to overnights, then promptly gets eliminated again. And she's not with Weber now. I think this plotline of the show is going to be one of the more dramatic/exhausting aspects of Weber's season, if I had to guess. Kelsey Weier is the one to be eliminated after hometowns, and I bet she's very upset about the whole situation. 

SO. Apparently it's between Weber's two final women, Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett (more on both of them below). We still don't know exactly what happened, and part of the challenge may be that the drama continued after the cameras stopped rolling. In other words, much like Colton Underwood's season, Weber choose to break with show tradition and make some moves after The Final Rose.

We have some more finale details (but we don't know everything).

This certainly seems indicative of something: Madison Prewett just filmed...something...with the Bachelor producers literally this week. She's grinning and looks delighted about something. What could this mean??

We also got new spoilers from Steve that 1) Prewett hears that either Sluss, or Fuller, or Sluss AND Fuller slept with Weber, and 2) self-eliminates, based on the fact that she is a virgin. On camera, she states she'd have a tough time staying on the show if he'd been with the other contestants (per this preview here):

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So a few things might have happened. Weber's "abnormal" final rose ceremony likely doesn't end with him choosing his other "final girl" Sluss. He may have left the show to pursue Prewett. Aaaand she either took him back, or said no thanks, although Reality Steve insists he's with someone. If she said no to dating Weber, she could conceivably be The Bachelorette. And that's what she could be filming? But it feels too early for that—usually the producers go through their top candidates. So I feel like there's a good chance Prewett and Weber are at least working on their relationship as we speak?

Prewett's dad didn't give Peter permission to propose.

Reportedly, Prewett's dad didn't give Weber permission to propose during hometown dates, soooo that might have been a factor. Honestly, if that's what happens, this is just like Underwood's season, minus the fence jump. Meanwhile, Prewett is following Weber's friend Courtney on Instagram and liking her posts, but the two met on Prewett's one-on-one with Weber, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything either.

Reality Steve says that he's heard some contradictory theories, though, so there's nothing to indicate that that's what definitively happened. Some weird shenanigans went down, but TBD on the exact details.

There are some crazy rumors about Fuller.

Unfortunately, Victoria Fuller, who makes it all the way to overnights before being eliminated, has had some negative rumors around her before coming on the show—the most ugly rumors that Reality Steve has ever heard, he noted.

Meanwhile, if you're caught up on the show, sh*t is just about to go DOWN with Fuller (thanks to a run-in Weber apparently has with his ex), so be prepared for her "secret" to come out. Judging by this clip, she gets really defensive.

Unfortunately, there's also been some post-show drama with Fuller too:

Which is very likely not going to help her case. Fuller has posted about how the rumors are all "false" and how she'll have the ability to defend herself soon:

Victoria Fuller and Sluss seem to be friends.

So, we still don't know the ending of Weber's season, and obviously none of the contestants are talking. But, all of the women have since finished filming and are back on social media. What's interesting is that they seem to be interacting with each other (six weeks on an insanely dramatic show can really bond people together) and the comments are kinda revealing.

Hannah Ann Sluss (a top 2 contestant) recently posted a headshot, and in the comments the season's potential "villain" Victoria Fuller commented, "Sweet angelbby." Sluss responded, "my girl ♥️♥️♥️" and Fuller replied, "4ever." So the two ladies are, apparently, BFFs post-show.

Meanwhile, Madison Prewett (a top 2 contestant) responded to one of Kelsey Weier's (who made it to the top 4) recent Insta posts. "HOT" she responded to a sponsored photo.

And Weier commented "Your pj game is [fire]" on Prewett's recent post about celebrating the holidays with her family:

Sooo, those two ladies are supporting each other as well. I looked, and I don't see crossover comments—as in, Sluss or Fuller commenting on Weier's and Prewett's posts or vice versa. However, Weier did "like" a couple Sluss posts, though, and vice versa. Fuller "liked" one recent post by Prewett. No one liked Fuller's recent post, lol. The top two women, Prewett and Sluss, aren't interacting with each other that I can see.

We know there were "cliques" in the house this year—so I'm curious as to whether this has any meaning about which ladies got close, and which ones had conflict. More on that below, but Weier and Sluss definitely had beef early in the season, and Fuller has had some crazy on- and off-show drama.

Mykenna Dorn and Kaitlyn Bristowe have become friends.

It's not totally clear how this friendship was born, but these Canadian contestants have apparently become friends post-show. Dorn, who is eliminated relatively early but was heavily featured in the show's first four episodes, celebrated her 23rd birthday after the show wrapped. According to her Instagram stories, Bristowe showed up to say hi.

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Dorn is a shoe-in for Bachelor in Paradise, in my opinion.

Kelsey Weier had drama, too.

The fourth contestant is Kelsey Weier, who was eliminated before overnights and is the star of Champagnegate. She and Sluss apparently had beef, too, around a group date that Weier thought she should have won. So the top ladies are not drama-free, is my point. Just like last season's Bachelorette, the nuttiness goes alllll the way to the end of the show, which I'm sure the producers are happy about.

The show pitted two contestants against each other.

So if you were watching the show in real time and wondered, What in God's name is happening between Alayah Benavidez and Victoria Paul? you're definitely not alone. Benavidez, who basically made her entrance and exit in episode 3, then subsequently came back to defend her good name in episode 4, centered her defense around the extent of her relationship with her fellow beauty pageant contestant.

So let's break it down: In episode 3, Paul told Weber that Benavidez had told her to lie about the two knowing each other (it looked like this was something that the producers nudged her into sharing). She also said, "I've spent maybe three hours with her, even at Miss USA," and that she didn't feel good about having to lie about the relationship. Weber confronted Benavidez, who explained she'd counseled Paul on not telling the producers about their preexisting relationship so that they didn't get disqualified, not because she was withholding from Weber. For this, and all the shit she was getting from other contestants, she went home.

THEN she came back arguing a different point: That she and Paul had a friendship and that Paul was lying about not really knowing her. Benavidez mentioned a trip to Vegas that the two took as part of the same friend group. Weber confronted Paul, who (not realizing that this whole Alayah situation had turned around on her) repeated over and over, "I don’t know what else to say," and "My truth is the truth" and then finally getting angry and defensive.

FYI, Reality Steve has photos of that trip to Vegas:

Whoops. And the two commented on each other's social media a month before starting filming. So, honestly, it's not a good for either of them. Chances are it'll come up in Women Tell All.

Hannah Brown is not a contestant on this season.

Despite what the producers want you to think, thanks to an early season promo, Brown just showed up to (apparently) break Weber's heart all over again and then leave to go win Dancing With the Stars. If they ultimately paint Brown as another villain on the way to Weber's journey to find "love," I will throw my laptop out of the window, then go get it so I can rant some more about the producers ruining everything:

I'm always and forever a Hannah fan, so I refuse to accept a negative narrative around my fave Bachelorette

One contestant, Lauren, immediately self-eliminated.

Lauren M., who is apparently from Miami, Florida, took issue with the show's proceedings and never made it on camera. I mean, we know the producers can be super-manipulative, so I can't fault anyone for getting the heck out of there if they're getting a bad vibe out of the proceedings:

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I also wonder if that means this season will be crazier than usual. Chances are, two more women will be eliminated by the time the show airs, judging by past season numbers.

There are some disturbing photos of Sluss and other contestants.

Reality Steve released details on the women's basic info and Insta accounts. (Content warning: animal cruelty.) Two of the women, including frontrunner Hannah Ann Sluss, have a photo of themselves and her friends posing with animals they've shot. I'm not going to link to those photos, but that...might be a problem for those contestants in the future. Last season of The Bachelor (not to mention previous seasons), contestants have gotten in hot water for their social media life pre-show. 

Several pageant winners are among the group.

We have a Miss Texas 2019, Miss Louisiana 2019, Miss Tennessee contestant, a former Miss Iowa 2017, a former pro cheerleader, a Price Is Right winner (lol), and several models. There have been comments that this particular pool of contestants is pretty homogenous in that regard—as in, even more so than usual.

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